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Perfect Escape by Jennifer Brown
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Jul 04, 12

bookshelves: era-oakton, pov-female
Read from May 25 to July 04, 2012

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Kendra’s older brother Grayson has debilitating OCD. It often takes him hours to get dressed, and he has been in and out of treatment the entire time she’s been in high school. She’s on set to graduate with honors, when a secret arises and she panics. She grabs Grayson and in the hopes of escaping the consequences—and curing Grayson—she flees. In her “hunka junk” car, they drive through the west, in the hopes of finding an old friend.

As expected with Jennifer Brown, the characters are really challenging. Especially Kendra, who I frankly wanted to strangle. But the likability of a character is not the measure of a book. And while my “excuse me?” song parroted Kendra’s self-centered inner monologue, I stuck around because I cared about Grayson and Rena (a friend they pick up on the way, who’s story I demand as a follow up novel).

While I didn’t like Kenda, I emphathized with her struggle to accept and love her brother, despite his behaviors. And maybe that’s why I couldn’t stand her, because her reactions and thoughts made so much sense.

The book made me feel uneasy, and I still feel uneasy. I can tell the ending was supposed to be positive, but I’m not ok with it. It was well written (fantastically orchestrated climax), but something about the tone at the end was just too nice.

If you are into books about family struggles and mental illness, this is one for you. But I’d take it with a grain of salt.

Perfect Escape will be released on July 10th, next Tuesday.


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