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Shine Shine Shine by Lydia Netzer
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Jun 28, 2012

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Read from May 24 to June 28, 2012

wow, i just typed out my entire review and then somehow when i clicked save it lost it! =( here goes trying again, hopefully i can remember it all!
first off, i read an e-galley copy that i won from shelf awareness and received via
i don't think i can give this book a difinitive 4 stars and since i can't do a 3.5 like i really feel it deserves i'll go ahead and give it a 3. the book was just interesting enough to keep me going, i wanted to find out what was going to happen, and what had already happened. i know that seems a little bit confusing, but if you read the book i think i'll make sense. more than most this book really shows how everything that is happening or is about to happen comes from what has already happened. we get to experience each of the characters at many different points in thier lives as each one remembers or ponders events from their pasts. my only criticism here would be that we are taken back seemingly on a whim to a different time and place throughout the story. what i mean by this is that in one paragraph we are with a character in the present and in the very next paragraph, with no break, we are suddenly transported to a time or place maybe 20 years in the past. there are even times when we are reading about sunny while she is at home and then suddenly with the next paragraph we are with maxon in space. it was a little hard to get used to these jumps and breaks in the flow but over time i got used to them and expected them which made it a little easier to read and as you get to know the characters it almost feels like the story should flow this way.
i did enjoy the characters, they are definitely some of the most unique i've read in a while, and since we got to experience them at different stages in thier lives there was a sense of them almost being old friends. i felt invested in these characters and thier outcomes and while i wasn't disappointed at the end there was a slight sense of being let down by some of what was left up in the air.
overall again this was an interesting read, one that may take a little more thought that some, but definitely worth the effort.
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