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Open Heart by Emlyn Chand
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May 24, 12

First thing to establish: I love that this series is written from different perspectives. This is one of my favorite things. Points of view are cool, and you could not find two more opposite narrators than Alex (from Farsighted, the first book) and Simmi (the narrator of Open Heart.) Alex is straightforward, honest, often oblivious, and--oh yes--blind. Simmi, on the other hand, is all over the place emotionally. And did I mention that Alex is a psychic and Simmi is a clairsentient? Basically, they have all the same problems as typical teenagers, plus some.

Open Heart deals with a lot of the issues young adults--especially girls--face, mostly notably eating disorders and insecurity issues. Yes, sometimes as a reader I wanted to slap Simmi across the face to knock some sense into her so she would stop trying to find security in other (sketchier) sources, but at the same time I couldn't possibly be that harsh on her because her issues are so real and relatable. This is a much more layered read than Farsighted, and (in my opinion) the writing is stronger as well. A lot of it is romance, which I usually get sick of, but it's portrayed in a unique and relatable way.

Go forth, read, and enjoy!

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