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Hitler by Alan Bullock
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Jun 28, 2012

really liked it
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Read from May 24 to June 28, 2012

A very good book on the topic. Hitler is definitely a fascinating historic figure and the events surrounding the Nazi time in Germany are very interesting. That doesn't mean I like him or what he did. At the same I don't like books that just portray Hitler as a monster, no matter how disgusting his actions were. By doing so people often give themselves the idea that this could never happen again because Hitler was so different from other people, which unfortunately isn't a reality. If we compare some of his actions and views to some things that are happening these days we can see that it wasn't that extraordinary. For example, his portrayal of Jews that was basically a simplified, evilized caricature is very similar to some portrayals of Muslims these days. Knowing and understanding this will help us to prevent things getting out of hand as it happened before. And Alan Bullock for them most part does a good job to avoid a biased tone towards Hitler. Which of course is very hard.

I was mainly interested in Hitler's character development, the attitudes of Germans during the development of Nazi movement and Holocaust, and Hitler's mentality during the defeat. Unfortunately there was not enough of this topics for me (except for the defeat stage). He did discuss his childhood and young years in Vienna but it was too brief for what I hoped for. I will try to find some more books that are more psychological on this topic.

At the same time the book is full of historical facts. I am not sure how accurate they all are since the book was first published about 50 years ago, but I definitely learned a lot. I did study World War back in school for several years but there were many details that were new for me. I admit sometimes when it was discussing political meetings I was getting slightly bored, but it would not happen to someone who is very intersted in the political aspect of the topic.

All in all it is definitely a great book which has about 500 pages of facts on WW2 and Hitler. I would really recommend it to anyone interested in this.
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message 1: by T.A. (new)

T.A. Uner A very objective and well-written review. Yes, if we cannot tie the past to the present we are in jeopardy of repeating history's mistakes.

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