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American Eve by Paula Uruburu
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Jul 05, 2012

really liked it
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3.5 stars


Evelyn Nesbit. Look at her. No wonder men desired her and women wanted to be her. She was not only the first "It" girl, she was the template for the modern woman. Take away the trappings and her face could grace the covers of today's tabloids and magazines.

Breezy, gossipy, intimate, and casual, American Eve tells the tragic and riveting tale of America's first pin-up girl, Evelyn Nesbit – artist's model, showgirl, Gibson Girl – her involvement with Stanford White, literally the architect of New York City, and Harry K. Thaw, nouveau riche and totally off his rocker. This twisted triangle of lust and mania was called “The Crime of the Century” for a reason: Not only did its participants become rallying points for social reform, either as villains or heroes, the story behind the drama – inside the courtroom and out – fueled the explosion of yellow journalism and America's obsession with celebrity, sex, beauty, and scandal.

The ten years Uruburu put into this book shows, as the reader is immersed in the hedonistic excesses and rampant poverty of the Gilded Age with details pulled from period newspaper articles, personal letters, postcards, as well as autobiographies written by Evelyn Nesbit and Harry K. Thaw. However, Uruburu is not an historian, but an English professor, which shows: occasionally those details can become a bit overwhelming and her prose has a tendency to be flowery and overly metaphorical; not to mention, at times, Uruburu comes up with quite the tangled sentence, requiring mental convolutions to straighten out its meaning. However, she does have a knack for channeling the lingo of the the era in such phrases as “He went into a purple frenzy...” or “...a particularly dull way to end an otherwise spiffy evening.” She also does a fine job of letting the story tell itself; while Uruburu is obviously on Evelyn's side (and, really, once you get to know her, who wouldn't be?), she doesn't make Evelyn out to be an innocent angel. That said, Evelyn's is the most prevalent voice, coming to us down the years through her two autobiographies, though Uruburu does manage to give us a glimpse into the minds of the other two big players in the story, Stanford White and Harry K. Thaw (whose autobiography Uruburu also relied on, though with more grains of salt than Evelyn's, considering the rather twisted mind from which the book came). All in all, it's a well-researched tome and it's certainly the first to truly bring to life, that I know of, all of Evelyn's story. However, while I'm not the expert on Evelyn Nesbit Uruburu claims to be, I did notice a couple of inconsistencies: When Evelyn meets Jack Barrymore, Uruburu puts him at being 21-years-old at the time. However, from all the sources I've checked, even official Barrymore sources, Jack was 19 when he first met Evelyn, having been born in 1882 to Evelyn's 1884. Also, I thought it was weird that Uruburu wrote that Evelyn was not quite five feet tall, yet, once again, all the sources I've looked at place her at being around 5' 3” tall. Small things and I could be wrong about them, but they still stuck out for me.

What the reader notices, though, is that there is truly nothing new under the sun. The story of Evelyn, her rise and fall, the notoriety of her involvement with Stanford White and the fallout from the trial mimics the trajectory of so many starlets who came after Evelyn, right up to Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and other “It” girls who have hypnotized the masses, sometimes with nothing more substantial than the willingness to be in the spotlight, and fallen from their pedestals when it was revealed they had feet of clay. While American Eve may not be what you might call a substantial history, it is a revelational one, giving us a glimpse into the creation of cult of celebrity and, in a way, the loss of innocence. Once the seamy underbelly of their lives of decadence and debauchery was revealed, which the scions of the American power landscape tried to desperately to keep hidden for so many years, the blinders fell away; whether they liked it or not, the American public saw these men, these former idols, for the utterly human and utterly fallible beings they were. And nothing would ever be the same again.

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message 1: by faeriemyst (new)

faeriemyst Can't wait! I looked and I've had this WL'd since 2009. Frankly I'm a big surprised it's that new. ;P

Lolly's Library (Dork Kettle) It's a good read; kind of dishy and gossipy, but you get a good idea of how little choice Evelyn had in her life. I'm working on my review (I've been side-lined by my hip; it got worse on Wednesday).

message 3: by faeriemyst (new)

faeriemyst Sometimes dishy and gossipy makes reading history easier. :D Good luck with that and I hope you hip gets better soon. :(

Lolly's Library (Dork Kettle) Oh, for sure. Then again, Evelyn's story is dishy enough; I'm not sure it could be written in a boring, unreadable way. ;) Thanks. It's getting there, thanks to some shots (yay drugs!). LOL

message 5: by faeriemyst (new)

faeriemyst Sorry it's taken me so long to get to your review and reply, I've been tackling my inbox, and we all know what that's like. :D I love how they colored that picture. Did you see an older picture of her?

Weird about those inconsistencies with Barrymore's age, which can easily be found, and Evelyn's height. I think I'll still pick this up sometime in the far, far future in a galaxy far, far away. Even with the metaphors. Eek! ;P You know I still haven't seen The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing. Maybe if I can figure out the library's new *bleeping-bleepity-bleep* online catalog, I'll request it. :/
P.S. Go drugs! LOL

Lolly's Library (Dork Kettle) Boy, do I! ;D Yeah, I think that's one of my favorite pictures of Evelyn and the coloring just enhances her timeless beauty. (I've always thought that phrase "timeless beauty" was a cliche, but with Evelyn, it's a truism.) I have seen that photo actually; Evelyn had a great passion for ceramics and sculpture, and a talent; it was what sustained her after she faded away from the entertainment industry. Those were weird inconsistencies; I mean, I accept that I could be wrong about either or both of them, yet I've done more than just a cursory search about the issues and all the sources I've checked back me up. The Barrymore thing I can brush off, but with Uruburu the self-proclaimed authority on Evelyn Nesbit, that's where the weird comes in. You? The classic movie fanatic hasn't seen The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing? Impossible! LOL Now that I've read the book, I want to see that movie; I need to get on TCM and see if it's going to be on their schedule. Uh-oh, do I detect some issues with technology? ;D Drugs are the best! *said in an insanely chipper voice, with slightly glazed eyes* LOL

message 7: by faeriemyst (new)

faeriemyst Yeah, I came across that in my searches (re: sculptures, et al). I'm the opposite, checking on a birth date is easy-peasy, but finding out someone's height, that's a bit touchier. I wouldn't say I'm a classic movie fanatic, I'm more fanatical about the stars themselves. You know, back when there actually were stars in Hollywood. Even if I've never seen them in a film, I get all glazy-eyed because the women were so beautiful, or at least striking, and the men were dashing. I just find their lives fascinating. O_O <--me dazed. LOL :P

Yeah, you try out the new catalog and try to search for something. I dare you (and it's free, so you can't weasel out that way. ;P), although it goes way beyond just searching. It's so user-unfriendly I want to scream. I've even written out a list of everything I dislike vehemently despise about the new site. You should have seen the last catalog, it was a thing of beauty: easy to use, didn't give me a headache, I had no complaints. I was worried when I heard they were going to a new system because the previous one was close to perfect, but I had no idea it would turn out this bad. There's a bureaucrat in Columbus whose ass needs kicked, I just know it. Probably some moron who never uses the library, let alone an online catalog, who somehow thought this new one would be better. Ha! It's a chaotic disaster and it seriously makes me want to stop using the library altogether. I'm not exaggerating either, everything is at least 10 times harder, with more clicking and headaches, the search is a bitch, I can't see how many times I've renewed items I have out to know if I should put them at the top of the "must get to" list, and that's only a few of my problems. I honestly don't know how people who aren't as computer literate are going to be able to use the site if I barely can. :( Drugs, that sounds good about now. Too bad I don't have any. 0_o (I don't know why I've never used these faces before since they very accurately describe what I'm attempting to convey. :D)

Lolly's Library (Dork Kettle) I figured you might (if you're going to find such a picture, you're going to discover Evelyn's love of ceramics), but, when you think about it, it's rather a strange combination, a former "It" girl loving something so, well, pedestrian, as ceramics. Well, strangely enough, her height popped up rather often during my searches. I know what you mean. I look at those old glamor shots, or even the publicity shots of them going to parties and restaurants, and the women were always so put together and elegant and the men looked oh-so classy in their tuxes and dapper suits. So much different than the Hollywood of today. (Cute dazed face. ;D)

I did and I found stuff. (Just so you know, I hate you; your library has so many more books than mine.) Did you use the search bar at the side of the page or click the "quick search" button at the top and go from there? Because that's what I did. However, just because I managed to use the search feature easily doesn't mean you're not right about the unfunctionality of the other features, especially not knowing how many times you've renewed an item. You should complain to the librarians; you might not be alone in your frustration. :/ I'm sorry; if I wouldn't be arrested for it, I'd send you some of mine. :( Speaking of which, I just had a minor freak-out. Mixing "As needed" pills and a poor memory is not a good thing; I just took my third allotted pain pill of the day and then spazzed out because I thought I might've already taken it. I tried to throw it up, but I've so conditioned myself not to throw up I couldn't do it (I've only vomited about five times in my life, mostly during the first years of my migraine when I was getting used to the nausea). It took me counting out the bottle to calm down and realize I was okay. Pathetic. o_o (I don't know either as you're right, they work very well. Maybe because they're so popular with the LOLz set? ;P)

message 9: by faeriemyst (last edited Jun 13, 2012 08:35AM) (new)

faeriemyst Eh, I've heard of odder things. I did a search on her height and most said the same thing, but it's not something on a birth certificate so how can you know how accurate it is? And I'm not talking Evelyn's specifically, just everyone's height. People lie and say they're taller/shorter, they wear lifts, etc., etc. Who knows how accurate some of the heights claimed are what they actually were/are? All's I'm sayin'. :P I know, they so booty-ful. LOL (Thanks. :))

Sorry, this is going to be long....
Well I didn't say I couldn't find stuff (or did I? I'm too lazy to scroll up.), just that it's ten times more difficult. (Fine, hate me for my library. Waanh. BTW, how do you spell a whine?) There is no search bar at the side, just those buttons on the top (and what quick search button at the top? HUH?). *scurries over to the library catalog* All's I see, in order, are: search/home (which they say is quick search so I guess that one is at the top), power search (a very convoluted advanced search. Why they can't just call it advanced is beyond me), find it fast!, kids' library, iResources, my account, and iDownload. Did you search for something that has multiple medias? Let us use "The Sound of Music" as an example. I'm finding out it's better to use 'browse' than 'keyword' but OMG! Anyway, for some reason "the sound of murder" is the first thing listed and then TSoM (abbreviated for easier typing :D). So you can see there are 32 items listed under TSoM, but when you click on it there are only 31. Odd. So after clicking on this, I guess it's in order from newest to oldest but there is no way to organize any other way. Before you could do it by the specific media, publication, title, and a few other options to make it easier on however you'd like to see them. Boo. Now I have to go to advanced search to do that or search under "Book," "DVD," whatever, and they don't even have a separate category for "Blu-ray". Okay, just tried searching under "DVD" and nothing is listed for TSoM, when I changed it to "Adult DVD" I got results (there's also a "Juvenile DVD" to make it even easier! *rolls eyes* You should check out all the categories they have, it's ridiculous. What if it's a Disney movie? Do I look under "Adult" or "Juvenile" since it appears just using "DVD" will not work? Ugh.). And have you clicked on a title to see the item details? It's a mess, especially if there are a ton of copies at lots of libraries. I've even clicked on "change display" and tried to see if that would help. As far as I could tell nothing was different. The libraries that have copies, along with search results, checked out materials, holds, pretty much anything that was a list would alternate colors (white and beige/tan) so it was easier to see what the hell was listed instead of what can look like one big blob of information now. Just a question, is your library catalog similar? Because that could explain how you're finding it much easier than I am (besides the whole old catalog being so much easier and better thing, of course. :P). It just blows my mind that they would go from an extremely user-friendly catalog that just about anyone can use, to. This. 0_o That's why I wrote down my complaints, so then I can write up something to leave in the "comments" box. Not that it'll do any good; a whole bunch of patrons throughout the whole SEO library system would have to complain and I don't think that many people do. Now if this new catalog makes more work for the librarians, then maybe. :D I've even thought of just calling and having them do all the work of things I'd like requested, but I'm very hands on and for some things I need an exact match, like a specific DVD because it's better than the others, even the Blu-ray, and there have been mistakes before. I might have been able to live with the search if (1) I could see my renewal number (I can't emphasize enough how important that is for me), (2) I could also see how many holds are already on an item (this really helped if I knew I had to get to something right away, rather than waiting. If there were no requests than there's a good chance I'd be able to renew it.), (3) Do they really have to call me a DELINQUENT because I have a fine? God it was only one day late!!! And it's not like the fine is $10 or a year old! Seriously, they have it in all caps, is that really necessary? Can't they just say late fines or something? Gah. Oh, I forgot, (4) The titles in "My Account" are not clickable, so if I want to see a specific title, I either have to go to search and type it out or copy it and then go search for it. I am really sorry to go on and on about this, but it's made my life more difficult. >{ It's amazing what a library catalog can do to a person.

Don't you use pill containers? That would help you and probably prevent another freak-out. It must have been more than a minor one to make you try to throw up (only five times? I don't know how you've done it because I know for certain it's been more times for me, though I've never counted. God, vomiting is so gross, I try not too, even though there are times I think I'd feel better if I did [like when my stomach is just a churning rebellious mess].) Next time, make sure to count your pills before attempting to throw it up. :) Glad it worked out in the end. Not pathetic, you just had a bit of a panic. Okay, more than a bit. ;P (That's probably it. Now if I start saying "awesomesauce" I might smack myself. LOL Unless it actually has to do with Awesomesauce)

Lolly's Library (Dork Kettle) That's something I've wondered about myself. I mean, it's not as if every time she walked through a doorway, someone measured her height against the doorjamb, so how would they know? And don't tell me about how people lie about their height. I've run into enough singles listings in which men say they're six foot or taller, when in reality they're only 5'8" tall. Happens all the time. :/

Ah, I see. The link you gave me directed me to the main page of the Washington County Library, where at the top are two buttons, Library Catalog and Digital Catalog/Download Center. Off to the side is a Quick Catalog Search bar. That's what I worked off by clicking the Library Catalog. Part of the problem with your TSoM search is that the movie is listed as Sound of Music, no "The." I hate to say, but when I typed in "Sound of Music" in the power search, under Adult DVD category, it came right up. And, no, your new catalog is nothing like mine; however, mine is convoluted, which might explain why I'm getting the hang of yours. That said, I completely understand your frustration with the new system; I've had library systems up and change their catalogs on me, often to more complicated and less user-friendly systems. And that is totally rude about the whole DELINQUENT thing--how dare they! Maybe they're trying to shame those who continually have overdue books, but it just makes everyone else feel like a criminal. Even my crappy system allows me to see how many times I've renewed my items, geez. *shakes head* And my stuff is searchable! That is so ridiculous! Hey, I'm right there with you; a crappy library catalog can ruin so much, even the best of library systems. I still say make your complaints; you don't know, there might be quite a few people who hate the new catalog as much as you. People rarely speak up, thinking "Oh, someone else will say the same thing, so why should I?" If you speak up, it'll encourage others to speak up, too.

I do, for my daily pills, but I don't have anything for my 'as needed' pills. Normally, I do just fine as far as remembering what I've taken; I only have the occasional freak out. Okay, so it was a bit more than minor; I'm the Queen of Understatement. LOL (I work really, really hard at it because I hate throwing up, even though I know I would feel better if I did. Like when I'm pale and sweaty and light-heated and feeling like I'm going to die. 8*) Yeah, but I really need to get a pill container so I don't have to go through this again. Even just a single one that I can fill up daily, something so I know exactly what I've taken. It is pathetic; I hate loosing my memory like that. I'm too young to be senile. :( (If you start saying "awesomesauce" I might have to disown you as a friend. LOL j/k If it wasn't hot, that truly would be Awesomesauce; I love me some garlic, but I hate hot sauce.)

message 11: by faeriemyst (last edited Jun 14, 2012 07:44AM) (new)

faeriemyst Exactly, and the facts of a person's height can morph over time, especially if they're dead, what with one person saying one thing and someone else saying another. I can understand lying about an inch or two but four inches? That's a bit drastic. The wonders of vanity. :|

Yeah, I can't send the direct catalog link, it'll just say 'session has timed out' or something and then when you click 'ok', it'll take you to an error page. Which is another thing that sucks because I can't just fave the catalog and go directly to it as I used to do. Now I have to get to it by way of the library's home page, at least for the time being. Maybe after they get some kinks worked out then it can be faved. Oh, since I hardly ever went to the main page, I never really noticed that option. Though it doesn't matter, it hasn't worked, just takes me to the 'page cannot be found' page. I was kinda hoping that might make it easier on me. Did I add 'the' to Sound of Music? Wow, that's how frazzled I am about this new catalog, I never add 'the' to titles unless they're in the middle (or I copied a title from somewhere else). But that doesn't matter, it should be under both and right at the top. The problem I'm having is that it's a bitch compared to the previous catalog, I'm used to easy, they've given us hard. I know I'll get used to it but I don't have to be happy about it. >{ Yeah, you've been using a convoluted system so you're having no problems, which makes me sound like an entitled, slow-witted, whiny ass. :P My mom was more livid about the DELINQUENT thing than I was, initially, but I just don't understand why they feel the need to use that specific term. I'd screen cap what it looks like but the catalog is inaccessible right now ("This webpage is not available"), so hopefully they might be working on a few things, or else it's just being shitty, though it's always possible the catalog committed ritual suicide to put itself out of its misery. :P Now I may be envious of your catalog itself. :D

Please do get another pill container. May I suggest: for the lovely rainbow colors. :) They look really handy; hope they're still on sale next month, both my mom and I need a few more (I swear we keep adding and adding new supplements). Hey, we all forget, just relax. Besides, if you're more anxious (or in pain for that matter), your memory is going to be worse. Trust me on this. :P And by the by, you are far from senile; your reviews prove that beyond a doubt. Geez. Chill. LOL (I found that by accident, I couldn't remember if there was a hyphen in awesomesauce or not, but then remembered it was made up by the LOLz set, so of course it'd be one word. Duh. ;D I don't believe I've ever even tried hot sauce. There are a few things I like 'spicy' [a really subjective term, my spicy is probably most people's mild], but I'm not a big fan generally. Or of too much garlic. Some is fine but if garlic is practically all I taste, yuck. My mom once made garlic mashed potatoes, it totally cured me of ever wanting garlic mashed potatoes in this life again. LOL)

message 12: by faeriemyst (last edited Jun 14, 2012 09:17AM) (new)

faeriemyst Kay, got the screen cap, sorry should have trimmed more. :)
(view spoiler)

BTW, did you click on the Digital Catalog/Download Center? Now that looks like an easy site to use. When you go to the search box, there are even options that drop-down. Man, I need that Kindle so I can use that catalog to borrow books! :D

Lolly's Library (Dork Kettle) Not just vanity, but male vanity. They'll add four inches to everything. LOL

You're right, it should be under both. Not everyone searching for a book or movie or whatever is going to know the exact title, word for word. A library catalog should be more flexible, to take into account wording errors. See, that's what I meant by not having problems with my system (not that you're a whiny, entitled, slow-witted ass; you're frazzled and upset and perfectly entitled to be so). My system isn't flexible, so I've gotten used to trying different combinations or doing what I can to find what I'm looking for... which doesn't always work. Why shouldn't you be used to easy? Easy is good, easy is nice. It sucks that this new system is so crappy. And I can't blame your mom for being livid about the whole "DELINQUENT" thing; I would be too, especially now that I've seen the screen shot. Man, why don't they put up a mug shot as well, to really make you feel low and worthless. :{ What a shame the site didn't commit suicide.

I will, I will. I do like that rainbow one and I think I can afford it; thanks for pointing it out to me. :) I keep adding supplements, too. I swear, I take a dose and I don't need a meal! LOL I know, logically I know it's the pain making me dazed, especially with my hip. (It's still hurting, along with my knee, and I don't know why. It's been over a month now.) I'm a control freak and I hate being so helpless; pain has got me in its thrall and I can't escape. (Yeah, the LOLz set isn't big on punctuation of any kind. :D) I've never tried hot sauce because I just can't take the heat. I've got one of those super-sensitive tongues, so what's hot for me barely registers as heat for most people. Even 'mild' brings out tears. I don't get the whole "hot foods" explosion; every single dish, every single recipe seems to have or call for an element of heat. Thank you, but I want to taste my food. That said, I do love garlic, and onions. I'm a garlic freak, so those garlic mashed potatoes sound delicious. :)

No, I haven't tried the Digital Catalog/Download Center. I already envy your library system (sucky new catalog notwithstanding), I don't need any more reasons. ;P

message 14: by faeriemyst (new)

faeriemyst LOL

I feel sorry for you and your pathetic library and its catalog system. :/ Of course, the catalog had been updated before this but it was for the better, though I can't remember what it was like in the least (blocked memories? :P I doubt it since I think that was even better than this new one.). Easy is good, I want easy. Me want!!! ;D Shame indeed. If you look at the screen shot, where it says "checkouts"? Yeah, that's just for looking at what you have out, you can't actually do anything there. To renew, you have to go back to "My Account", not "My Profile" (that's something different), and click "Renew My Materials". I will be letting my voice heard, oh yes I will be.... Tis a shame indeed. }[

You're welcome. :) What kind of pain is it? That is sensitive! I like a bit of bite to certain dishes, like Indian or Mexican, but just that slight kick, I don't need to be KO'd. :D

Spoilsport. :P

message 15: by faeriemyst (new)

faeriemyst Another thing about the library catalog, "login" button at the top right hand corner isn't clickable. What the heck? What's the point of that?

Lolly's Library (Dork Kettle) Well, now I can feel a bit smug about your library system: Sure, it may have more books than mine, but now it's got a sucky catalog, so things are evened out a bit. LOL I bet the only reason this last update resulted in such a horrible catalog was because whichever weenie bureaucrat who actually made the decision to update got a price break on the design. That's usually how it works--money. :( Man, talk about a convoluted system; I mean, a "My Account" and a "My Profile"? That is so stupid! And a "login" button that doesn't let you log in? Sounds like that weenie bureaucrat got screwed. :P Let your voice ring out sista! :D

It's no longer in my hip muscle; the shots I got are still working, thank Lupine. But now my left hip joint aches, not to mention my left knee is still acting up. It's numb yet achy, which is so bizarre; it feels like it's swollen about 10 times its size, yet when I look at it, it's normal sized. I honestly don't know what is going on. See, this is why I feel like I'm a hundred years old. :{ Yeah. Sometimes I wish I could take a bit of heat, just so I could experience some dishes, but no matter what, I can't build up a tolerance. Heck, I don't even like black pepper!

That's me! :D

message 17: by faeriemyst (last edited Jun 17, 2012 09:55AM) (new)

faeriemyst Whatever makes you happy. LOL Yeah, probably. >{ Here's what "My Profile" actually is: (view spoiler) I can tell you right now that, more than likely, I won't be using that function. If you actually click in the "Borrower Barcode" or "PIN" boxes of that particular login and hit enter it'll go through, but I usually just wait until I get another login prompt elsewhere (when requesting or viewing my account, it's just easier all around).

Have you ever looked into fibromyalgia? That can hit your knees. After reading more about it, I'm pretty sure that's what I have. :/ Poor you. :( Black pepper? Honestly, what are we going to do with you? ;P My mom adores black pepper and will smother foods to death with it (okay, perhaps a slight exaggeration), again I only like it in moderation (I'm beginning to sound not only like a broken record, but boring too! LOL), but I think the black pepper love got passed off to my brother too. I seem to be the only one in the family with a love affair with salt. Luckily, it's cooled off a bit since I was younger. ;D

Lolly's Library (Dork Kettle) It does, it really does. ;D I'm sorry, but that is just nonsensical. I wouldn't be using it either. The more you describe this new system, the more I sympathize with your pain--it really is a crappy system. :(

I haven't, but even if it is, it doesn't make sense as I'm on Lyrica, the fibromyalgia drug, to help with the overactive nerves causing my migraine. I've got an appt. with my pain med. doctor next month, for a medicine check, and I'll talk to her about my knee. Thanks for researching the issue; I'm all warm and fuzzy that you care. Speaking of which, I keep complaining about my pain, yet I know you're having problems too, so if you ever want to complain, have at it. It's only fair. :) I don't know; it's something my brother complains about, too. He keeps saying I don't belong in this Germanic-based family as I don't like sauerkraut and other strong foods. Well, pooh on him. :/ Hey, moderation is good! That's what all the doctors advocate. I used to be a salt freak, like my dad, but I cut way back years ago. Now, I eat so little of it, I can taste it in processed foods. Then only things I like salt on any more are potato products.

message 19: by faeriemyst (new)

faeriemyst Guess what? Yesterday I go to renew some items and they've added (or corrected) times renewed. Also, I can see how many holds are on an item to even know ahead of time if I'll be able to renew the sucker. Color me shocked. That took a little wind outta my sails. ;P I still can't click on the items in my account to get to their info though. There, that's a step to boost my anger back up. LOL :D

Ah, I see, probably not fibromyalgia then. Good luck with your appointment next month, hope it's early in July! :) Eh, I'm getting a bit used to the pain. It's usually at its worst in the morning; you'd think I slept twisted like a pretzel the way I feel. 8O I did start exercising shortly after I went to the doc in April, I try for every other day but sometimes have to push it back one more day. I never said he was completely wrong, I just took issue in how he said some things. And I figure if I'm still feeling pain then he or another doctor can't say it's because of inactivity. Take that you evil medicinal fiends! I'm doing the hula and it just about kills my knees near the end of my session, since they have to be kept bent to properly do the moves. My hips and thighs are smaller though, so worth the sacrifice. :D Yes, because it's totally out of the question that your taste buds don't agree with certain foods and spices. I love sauerkraut, well, only my mom's and how she spices it, otherwise not such a fan. Yeah, it's weird when I say things are too salty now. I used to add it to just about everything, now it's mainly only added to some veggies and potatoes.

Lolly's Library (Dork Kettle) Two steps forward and one step back, eh? LOL Hey, at least they've corrected something, which means you weren't the only one who was pissed at the new system, which means... keep yelling and who knows what else you can fix! :D

Unfortunately, it's towards the end of July; if things get too bad, I can always check if I can move it up. :/ Yeah, take that! Show those evil medicinal fiends what for! LOL Good for you; I figured that was why you took issue. It doesn't matter how logical a statement might seem, if it's delivered in a disrespectful manner, there's no way you'll listen to what's said. Could it be your new mattress? I don't know how long you've been having your problems, but it would be awful if they showed up after you got it. So did you get those hula DVDs you were looking at, or are you working out to something different? I can imagine how it must affect your knees--I feel for you. :( But at least your hips and thighs are smaller and that is a major victory. :) Yeah, I know; he can be a real jackass. It's what he's good at. :P Actually, I've eaten sauerkraut mixed with mashed potatoes and I didn't mind it. It's not something I'd eat all the time and frankly I think I only liked it because my mom fixed it; she knew my palate. It's amazing how our tastes change. When I was younger, I used to drown my salads in dressing; now I not only just drizzle the dressing on (and use different dressings beyond ranch, which I used to eat exclusively), I sometimes eat salads bare naked! 8O

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faeriemyst Not really, that step was already there. I was so amazed from seeing actual improvement, that I didn't notice that they also fixed the login that wouldn't work and the fines are back to a normal 25 cents instead of $1 a day for DVDs/Blu-rays. Pshew. :) That and every new system has kinks they won't know are there until it's put into effect.

Ooh, that's tough. Well, I still don't think it was totally logical considering he didn't really listen to what I said and appeared to jump to conclusions. Mainly that he thinks I move once every four hours or so and that's to the kitchen. *eyeroll* I've had the pains since October. During which I was exercising until it was too hard to accomplish with the pain, I might add. God, I wish I'd remembered this when I was at the doc's to throw it in his fat face. Anger? Moi? *innocent look* Yeah, the DVDs were laying around for months before I put my ass into gear. :D I don't know if it's this way with most people, but my hips and thighs tend be the first to get slimmer. Unfortunately the side effect to having smaller hips is that my stomach hasn't gotten any smaller, so the mirage of looking thinner than I actually am is gone. LOL Yeah, sauerkraut with mashed potatoes is a good combo. It's been a tradition for New Year's Eve since forever for my mom to make her sauerkraut with hot dogs or brats (now veggie, of course) and mashed potatoes (which I usually make anymore). The hard part is staying up til midnight now that I'm an old ninny. ;P Ick, I've never liked soaked salad, but I did only eat ranch as a kid. When I got older I expanded, one of my favorites being balsamic vinaigrette, but I've come full circle and mostly only want ranch again. I don't even know if I could eat a salad naked, it'd seem so empty. :)

Lolly's Library (Dork Kettle) True, but it sounds like that system had a few more kinks than normal. It's great, though, that they've fixed so much, especially the fines--yay! ($1 a day for DVDs/Blu-rays? That was highway robbery!)

No, I know--he was a dick. I wasn't particularly defending what he said, but just (trying and failing) to illustrate that being disrespectful is no way to get your point across, and your doctor was extremely disrespectful. Doesn't it suck when you always think of things you should've said after your appointment? I try to write up a list of things I want to discuss with my doctor, but that doesn't help when I'm blindsided, as you were. When you're sitting there, helpless and humiliated, it's hard to think of rebuttals. I had one doctor who did something similar to me: It was about 4-5 years ago, when I was still really overweight and hadn't been diagnosed with my hypothyroidism. The doctor looks at me and asks, "Do you really think you should weigh (large number) pounds?" Um, no, doctor, I think I should weigh even more! Talk about humiliation. Especially when he starts tossing around the words "morbidly obese" later on. (I hate those words; they make you feel so disgusting and less than human.) :| Oh. I'm so sorry you've had to put up with the pain for so long. I really hope you get some relief soon. Make sure to tell your doctor that the next time you see him--retain that anger (that you don't *innocent blinking* have). LOL I splurged and bought the first season of "Shimmy"; I'm hoping that my hip/knee will ease up sometime in the next century so I can actually use them. :/ I hate it when your body parts don't cooperate with keeping you slim-looking; I always lose in my chest area first, and I ain't got much there to begin with! LOL Yeah, my mom would occasionally make hot dogs topped with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut, which was good. We never had a New Year's Eve food tradition--weird. Well, yeah, with you waking up so early, no wonder you can't stay up so late. You are an old biddy! ;D I like a good pomegranate vinaigrette; I haven't had ranch dressing in years. With enough toppings, a naked salad doesn't seem so naked. :D

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faeriemyst Other libraries have those charges, ours just adjusts to what they have as fines. What I find ridiculous is the fine if you don't return the (usually) paper disc holder some DVDs are packaged in inside the DVD case. The ones that are fifty-cents, well maybe a little pricy but okay, but the ones that charge one dollar for a paper holder with a flimsy plastic window? Crazy talk. Luckily we've never lost one or returned a DVD without that in it.

Don't worry, I got it. :) The pot got a bit stirred is all. LOL I totally hate that and it happens in every respect of your life too! I've frequently thought of stuff I could/should have said after the fact. It's so infuriating. >{ Exactly, you don't really expect that from your doctor who should be looking out for your health. What an assfungus. You should have yes, but I was kinda thinkin' of going for 500lbs, so I can be bed-bound. What is wrong with some doctors? Really, this is there bedside manner? Pathetic. I'll try to remember. :) My chest gets somewhat smaller when I lose weight too but I can stand to lose it. LOL My arms and stomach are my most hated fat areas (besides that one above my butt and below my back -- what part does that belong to exactly?) and slowest to slim down. I have a fat arm gene so I have to work hard to get my upper arms to look half-way decent. I haven't been able to do it to my full capability because of the pain, but I'm pushing through it. Interesting, I've mixed hot dogs and sauerkraut in my mashed potatoes, but not those two on a hot dog. With a bun? Wait, weird you didn't have a tradition or weird that we do? o_O It is very hard to stay up, not to mention my body feels like a 116 year-old. ;P Uh-huh, I'll just stick to my ranch, thankyouverymuch. :D

Lolly's Library (Dork Kettle) That just... makes very little sense. Our library charges a set fine for late items, including DVDs, regardless of packaging. Charging one thing for one type of packaged good and another for another type of packaged good is just weird.

Good. :) Stirred and seasoned. LOL Oh, I know. I frequently come up with witty retorts about an hour after I need them. Infuriating is an understatement. >| Yup. And the thing is, when they say or do something so outlandish, you're so shocked by their behavior, you just sit there like a stunned sheep. Believe me, after that visit, I thought of all sorts of things I wanted to say to that 'doctor', most especially, "Is this the way you treat all your patients? No wonder your office is in a shitty building--your patients are all leaving your rude ass and you can't afford anything better!" If it helps, write down your gripes and complaints; it'll help you remember and hold onto your anger. ;) Yeah, well, I need what's in my chestal area! LOL My arms are horrible, but I can't get rid of the fat there, no matter what I do; I developed those elephant ear flaps on my upper arms when puberty hit and no matter how much or what kind of exercises I do, they won't leave. The only way I can get nice upper arms is to have some plastic surgery done. :( My stomach is my second-most hated area, so I understand your difficulty. (Um, I think that's called the spare tire. I think.) Just as long as you're not giving yourself more pain, then, good for you! No, no, no bun. She'd split the hotdog down the middle and hinge it open, then put the potato/sauerkraut mix on. She'd do the same with mashed potatoes mixed with green onions, then put some cheese on top and bake it until the cheese was melty and bubbly--yum! Weird that we never had a tradition. :) Since I'm a night owl, I stay up just fine; it's getting up early in the morning that I can't handle. ;P You do that. :D

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faeriemyst Hey, it's not my library, don't look at me! Although it's a smart idea to put the DVD in an sleeve so it doesn't get scratched up if the DVD case's holder gets broken, or just if the disc gets loose. It might have more to do with the possible damage the disc might receive than the sleeve itself. Ah, who knows?

Stunned sheep, I like that analogy. :D Although I don't like it when it happens. >{ Good idea. *furiously writes ills caused by stupid doctor* ;P I call it the boobal area. LOL I thought spare tire referred to a fatty stomach? Now I need to go look that up.
"The "spare tire" is a common reference to the layer of fat that surrounds the midsection among men and women."
I have never heard a term for the area I'm talking about though. Maybe I should make one up? Could be a bumper. LOL No, I'm being good. :) I push myself, but not too far. I'm a little annoyed I haven't been able to do more (like more of the hula routine), but I know my body's boundaries and am not stupid enough to push past those. Oh good, I thought a bun might be pushing it. :P Huh, that's interesting, might have to try the potato/sauerkraut combo sometime. Ahh, but the early bird catches both the sunrise and sunset, but no worm, cuz, like, ick. ;D I will!

Lolly's Library (Dork Kettle) My library used to have the cases out on the shelves, keeping the discs in paper sleeves behind the counter. Now the discs are in the cases, but the cases are locked; the librarian drags them through something which looks like a larger version of a magnetic reader to unlock them. Either way, the discs and cases are going to get damaged by negligent patrons; however, this way saves a bit of time as the librarians don't have to shuffle through the paper sleeves for the discs.

Thanks, I thought it was rather apt. Yeah, it's never pleasant. :| It's not enough to write them down, you have to remember to present them to said stupid doctor as well. ;) Boobal. I like that. LOL Well, that's what I thought, but I figured if you imagine a tire going around your waist, that would imply that the fat is not just on your stomach, but on your sides and around the back, too. Otherwise, what's the point of calling it a spare tire? Just call it a pot belly as it's always been called. :/ Though I like your idea of calling it a bumper. Cute! :D Glad to hear it. :) Too true. And who would know your body's limits better than you? Oh yeah. I mean, we're a carb-friendly family, but the bun would be just too much. Like, ick, indeed. LOL Recently, I've been staying up so late, I've been able to watch the sunrise before going to bed. Two times now I've actually stayed awake for more than 24 hours--I just haven't been able to go to sleep. I don't know what's going on with me. :/ Well, okay! ;D

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