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Slide by Jill Hathaway
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May 24, 12

Celeste’s review: The moment I read the synopsis of this book I knew I needed to read it. The concept of “sliding” is so unique! I essentially read Slide in one sitting and was up fairly late. The story begins and jumps right into Sylvia “Vee” sliding into someone else. She knows it isn’t normal but doesn’t tell anyone; she pretends she has narcolepsy. I absolutely loved this and it was as good as the synopsis set it up to be. Vee tries as hard as she can to fight the sliding, but she knows it is starting to get out of her control. In the meantime she goes about her life with few friends, but she is OK.

I assumed this was another paranormal romance (which I do love), but no, I was wrong. While the paranormal element is there, it is also a mystery that will keep you turning the pages. Basically, Vee is trying not to slide and act like a normal teen, but then there’s a suicide…only Vee isn’t convinced it’s a suicide. She thinks her sliding might actually be of some use to figure out who the killer is (if there is one), and wow, who the heck is it? I wasn’t sure the entire time. And, after the ending I’m still not sure! This was definitely a good thing, I love surprises and twists :)

The romance. Hmmmm. Budding might be the right word. The story starts off with Vee and her best guy friend, Rollins. I immediately thought they would develop an attraction for each other, but then be intercepted by the hot new guy at school, Zane. I just assumed this would happen because it is a very common formula for YA novels. Well, this novel maybe went along those lines….or so I thought….I can’t say anymore because I don’t want to give anything away, but for once I was surprised, very surprised at how the romance started to develop and I can’t wait to see what happens in the 2nd book! I am also shocked at how things ended with Zane. Yes, shocked. No way was I predicting THAT. Holy cow!

As far as the characters go, Vee is a very likeable character. She isn’t a bratty YA teen; her mother passed away a few years ago and she has been forced to take on the role of mother for her younger sister since her father is busy so much of the time. Her younger sister, Mattie, is definitely more on that high school level, but she is a secondary character and it worked well with the story line. The two main guys, Rollins and Zane, are both swoonworthy and mysterious in their own ways, with their own set of secrets. There is also Scotch Becker who was so easy to hate. I’m sure we’ll learn more about him in the next book and I bet he is just as unsavory.

My only slight gripe was that there were some plot inconsistencies. Maybe they were actually holes in the story that could have been filled in to round it all out and answer more questions. The book was short, but if it had been longer maybe things would have tied up better. Regardless, the entire story was very easy and enjoyable to follow.

The ending was *gasp* great, I think. I was actually pretty sad at one of the people that didn’t make it. Clearly not the path I had seen in my head for the book. In one way I like surprises, but this one was quite shocking. Once I accepted it the rest tied up nicely…. for now, but I am so glad Slide isn’t a stand alone book since I want to see what happens next with Vee, her family, her love interest (*crosses fingers*). Imposter (Slide #2) is due out March 2013.

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