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Blackbringer by Laini Taylor
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Jun 05, 2012

it was ok
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Read from May 24 to June 05, 2012

This book was sadly sacrificed on the alter of "Probably-good-since-that's-what-the-reviews-said-but-I-can't-get-into-it-and-I'm-too-busy-besides." And also: "audiobook-reader-gave-everyone-annoying-accents." So that is the reason that I didn't finish it, in a nutshell.

Also because Magpie was the most irritating Mary-Sue I've ever had the displeasure to stumble across, but that's secondary.



It was primary. It was IMPORTANT. And mostly, it was ANNOYING.


Am I really the only person to notice this trait? Because I SWEAR, we have a fairy here who can't die, who has perpetually messy hair but is otherwise beautiful, who has a troop of crows who adore her and defend her and take care of her, she has a fiery temper, pretty much anyone who doesn't like her ends up being an enemy, she's the lonesome hero fighting off the demons for the greater good, and (the thing that annoyed me THE ABSOLUTE MOST) she gets back from being gone from her home for 100 some years and, while her friend Poppy remembers her and has been waiting with great impatience for her return, Magpie does not remember her friend. It's not a plot point. It's not Alzheimer's. It's just... Magpie.

Oh, Poppy.


It's like this, Poppy darling: if your friend leaves you suddenly, with no warning, with no promises to return, with no correspondence as the years (YEARS) continue, and leaving behind no way to contact her... IT'S TIME TO FIND A NEW BEST FRIEND. Stop playing second fiddle just because she gets to be the Mary-Sue main character and you're stuck being the Mary-Sue secondary character. Be free! Break out of the oppression! Liberty! Women's rights! freedom! More liberty! And stuff!

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