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The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester
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Mar 15, 2016

it was ok
Read in May, 2012

So, I finished this book yesterday. The first lady that you meet in this book spends two pages begging the hero character to marry and have children with her, even though she knows he doesn't love her. The second lady that you meet in this novel is a shop girl that spends her whole scene trying to get the protagonist to "kiss her like he means it" "pout" The third lady that you meet in this novel is a ditsy esper 3, only invited to the party because of her looks. She makes a fool of herself and everyone has a good laugh. The fourth lady you meet in this book is an oversexed society lady who has an obscene body sculpted by pneumatic surgery. This lady is the convenient host of the sex party where the murder takes place. She spends all of her scenes trying to get whoever she's talking to to stick it in her. Enter the Heroine, who witnesses the cold blooded murder of her father, becomes so traumatized that she runs outside naked and disappears. Did we mention she's naked, and also super hot. By the way, this girl is super super hot. and naked. Eventually the heroine is found in the care of the sixth female character in this novel, who is a con artist using the traumatized heroine to run a shady fortune telling operation. The heroine is rescued from this situation and taken to the hospital where it is determined she is SO traumatized from witnessing the murder of her father, that she has to undergo some bizarre science fiction "regression therapy" so she can grow back up into accepting the truth of what happened. So she get's this therapy, which regresses her back to the mentality of a baby. And get this - gets taken home by the hero, to be re-raised over the course of three months by the hero and lady number one, the swarthy unloved live in girlfriend. Who knows by now that the hero is totes in love with baby baba. All the murder bs gets resolved and the book is wrapped up by hero and baba sharing a couple of cute little jokes about how just a couple weeks ago he was changing her diaper! now they're gonna be doin it! tee hee! great effin book, thanks for the legacy of your gross ass gender politics 1950's.
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message 1: by Tom (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tom but, like, tension and apprehension and stuff

Charity That part was even shady. I'm not clear on exactly why the protagonist had to get paranoid to the point of demolition by the esper cannon hero? because his father hating attitudes were gonna leak out and pollute the universe..? weird & shady. The diaper changing joke just pushed the whole mess over the edge for me, although I concede that it did have great pacing that made it fun to read. bleh.

message 3: by Tom (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tom >his father hating attitudes were gonna leak out
>and pollute the universe

yeah p much. i dunno. i reread this recently and it seems to situate itself amazingly in terms of what genre fiction can do in terms of, like, seriousness v camp. killer of a last line also. but the gender stuff is just ... indefensible, yeah. i've half a mind to claim it's effectively self-satirizing but i don't know that i actually believe that

Jenny Your review is hysterical and sums up the book pretty well. I love it.

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