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Accelerando by Charles Stross
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May 24, 12

did not like it
bookshelves: sf

It is clear that Charlie has some very interesting ideas. Unfortunately, in this book he completely fails to sell any of them.

Over-use of technobabble and technocratic desriptions make the book tedious to read: "Economics 2.0", the post-singularity situation, is central to the book, as is the implication that human minds are too puny to grasp it. Charlie quite consistently refuses to provide the reader with any indication of what might be involved, which is consistent with the assertion and implies that neither the author nor the reader is some sort of super-human - which unfortunately means that it's not possible to follow the or even guess at the motivations of various sub-plots.

Speaking of sub-plots, the one thing the book does not have is an actual plot. It has many threads, and there's some sort of start and some sort of end, but they're unrelated other than some characters being present at both - but in a manner that appears like an unlikely coincidence rather than flowing naturally from the story so far. On the other hand, the near-total lack of character development means that the reader doesn't have any reason to particularly care either way about anybody's whereabouts, motivation, fate, wellbeing, past or future. Pretty much the only insight given into any character is a dream sequence of three pages halfway through, which refers to an otherwise completely irrelevant character and is utterly irrelevant; it is not referenced, alluded to, or otherwise used, either before or after - the only downside to skipping it is that it's actually better written than the rest of the book.

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