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Electra by Sophocles
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Sep 29, 2008

it was ok
Recommended to Jessica by: Ms. Clarke
Read in September, 2008 , read count: 1

its an iight book.... electra needs to stop whining and acting like a little girl.

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message 1: by Chris (new)

Chris iight? iight? DId you just call Sophocles "iight"?


I should have been a science teacher.

Lauren lmao.

Lorraine Lmao!
Sorry Mr. Vandyke!
It wasn't so bad Jessica. Idk how it was covered by your teacher, but if you look at it from a different lense you may like it. Yeah, I do agree she's whinning throughout the entire book and that I do not like. Best of all the way she depends on her brother to carry out her desires.

message 4: by Chris (new)

Chris I was actually just trying to give Jessica a hard time about using "iight" in her review of Sophocles -- "okay," "not bad," "decent," perhaps, but "iight"? Hrm.

To move to actual discussion, however . . . does the fact that the main character has unpleasant flaws change whether the book is well written and/or enjoyable? One of my favorite novels is "Lolitta," and the narrator is a horrible child-molester. I obviously loathe him, yet the way Nabokov writes the book and unpleasantly forces you to see the story through his memories is brilliant.

That said, did Electra have any choice but to depend on her brother? Given the social status of women at the time, was her using her brother weakness or, in fact, the way her mental strength could reveal itself?

Lorraine I figure you'll be trying to give her a hard time lol. Her choosing of words could've been better.

The fact that the main character has unpleasant flaws as you mentioned above can affect how you enjoy the book. The way that Electra is present did affect how I seen and accepted this book and the character. It is understood that her time period was completly different from ours today; as a woman she had little rights. It does not change the fact that she could've acted on her own. If we look at The Metamorphoses by Ovid, the females had no say or power within their society, yet he demonstrates the 'different women' (i.e. Atalanta). Sophocles on the other hand presents to us a weak female, who's complaining ALL the time. The way that Sophocles does present to us this character does affect how you'll accept this book.

If we analyze Electra base on her time period, her using her brother could be a strength but at the same time a weakness. She accepted her role in society, don't you think that she coould've step out of the expected role? She's allowing herself to be comfortable with it, she's not making a change as she desired to happpen within her household.

message 6: by Chris (new)

Chris True -- just because you are IN a given time and society doesn't mean you must be OF your time in society, or else we would never have had John Brown or Nat Turner or anyone who acted in an uncharacteristic and remarkable fashion.

Lorraine Exactly!

message 8: by Chris (new)

Chris BUT does that mean you don't enjoy the PLAY? Othello murdered his wife, but we don't read the play in order to judge him for spousal abuse, but rather to see how jealousy and lies destroy a man and how his proud, insecure nature leads to his downfall. We might not need to respect Electra, but respect Sophocles for the way he shows us the human condition.

Lorraine I was waiting for this one! =)

Well I do think that we have to first look at how Shakespeare and Sophocles present to us these two characters. Shakespeare carries out Othello in a whole different way from Sophocles with Electra. His wording, how we are lead to Othello's tragic ending is completly different from Electra. In other words I don't think that Sophocles did such a good job in carrying out Electra as Shakespeare did with Othello.

As you said we don't read the play to judge Othello but to see how jealousy and lies destroy a man, how this was shown to us is completly different from how we see Electra wanting to seek revenge.

Jessica i just found out how to read these comments...
o wow!! we having a convo about this
Now about Electra i believe that this book wasnt good at all you could tell from the beginging that the book was going to have the fair tale ending. Electra and Orestes kill Electras mom big whoop she has been saying she would do this from day one!!!!
PPl like Electra piss me off with all the whinnig and she has to remember that ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THEN WORDS!!!!!!

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