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In Too Deep by Portia Da Costa
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Oct 07, 2008

really liked it
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Read in October, 2008

Reviewed for queuemyreview.com book release November '08.

Mystery letters left in the suggestion box that are more than suggestive, anonymous erotic messages sent to her e-mail address from someone named NEMESIS… In Too Deep by Portia Da Costa is an erotic literary adventure with just a touch of whodunit thrown in…

Gwendolyn Price is a librarian that leads a fairly normal, uneventful life. With the exception of a crush that she has on a fellow employee that she playfully nicknames Professor “Hottie”, very little happens around the library to shake things up. Until one day, Gwen starts getting very sexy letters deposited in the library suggestion box. These letters aren’t fluffy words of love, no; these letters are pure sex wrapped up in blue paper!

One day when she is at lunch and she is taking her time reading one of the letters, Professor Hottie a.k.a. Daniel Brewster joins her. On a whim, she lets him read the letter and watches as he becomes aroused just reading it. At that moment, Gwen starts to wonder who this secret admirer may actually be. While Gwen and Daniel begin a very casual yet intense sexual relationship, she continues to receive messages from NEMESIS. Things begin to happen that confirm as well as refute Daniel as the culprit. When he begins to behave strangely and secretly, Gwen is determined to figure out the truth. She has feelings for Daniel, but can she love someone who is so clearly torn between two lives…

This book has a really interesting plot and it’s very unique. There is a definite mystery going on, both with NEMESIS and with Daniel and his mysterious behavior. The relationship that develops between Gwen and Daniel is both sweet and strange, but very sexy. I also enjoyed that Gwen is a fuller figured woman and that doesn’t diminish Daniels attraction to her. If you like a little mystery with your erotica along with a sweet and slightly different love story, I would highly recommend picking up In Too Deep by Portia Da Costa.
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