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Ride with Me by Ruthie Knox
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Jun 27, 2012

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RIDE WITH ME grew on me as the story continued. At first I was like there is no way these two are going to be able to make up and fall in love, but the story wove itself into a perfect love story that held a deeper meaning than just love.

Tom Geiger has been a recluse for years now since the trial that brought his father’s company down, cost him his marriage, and separated him from his family except for his sister Taryn. He’s lost faith in things he used to believe in and has gone on to have the simpler things in life.

Lexie Marshall has always wanted to ride the TransAmerica. Her past includes two broken engagements and a job she’s becoming to find tiring.

As the TransAmerica bike nears, Taryn informs him she’s found him a riding partner named Alex. When he goes to meet Alex on the first day, he discovers ‘Alex’ is a beautiful female and is short for Alexander, but he can call her Lexie.

Thrilled to have her ad answered, Lexie imagined a numerous ways the scenes would play out when Tom found out she was a woman, but meeting the surly man was not one of them. Always being a sucker for helping others, Tom can’t justify leaving her behind until he can find her another riding partner.

The two start off not speaking, but there is definitely a spark between these two apparently different people. Lexie finds him irritating how little he takes this ride serious. Tom on the other hand finds Lexie to be extremely up tight with her rule following ways. Lexie makes conversations with everybody and finally dares him to a hot sauce competition as a way to get him to stop the freeze on conversations.

Tom’s many moods put Lexie through the ringer trying to keep up. She soon finds the funny Tom, the sexy Tom, the intelligent Tom and is soon wishing for the surly Tom back when her heart won’t stop its pitter patter.

When he does finally leave her with an older man, he can’t help but miss her and worry. When he has a bike mishap that allows her to catch up, he learns she’s been riding alone. She confronts him on ditching her and drags him to an alley where they back into a wall with their kiss. But the lie she told about being married, makes him leave her behind once again.

His sister is the first to shed doubt on her claim to be married. After days of her constantly being on his mind, he waits for her only to find her new riding companion, Lance. He hangs around the rest of the day and ends up offering her help when Lance won’t take no for no.

Back in his tent, she comes clean about her lie and they strike a deal to keep things uncomplicated with just sex until the reach the end of the trail, where they will part ways.

But in the next weeks of sharing a bed, they learn more about themselves and each other than they could have ever imagined possible. There was a lot of growth in these two people that you don’t always see in a romance.

Tom shows Lexie how to be more spontaneous and she opens him back up to the world he once was a part of. They feed off the other and without even realizing it, fall in love.

But when Tom continues to keep her out of his past, Lexie doesn’t know how to get him to open up like she has to him. Although she’s come to accept her love for him, she fears he never will admit to loving her.

Just before they reach the end, after days of Lexie distancing herself, Tom can admit to his love for her and thinks of ways to keep her in his life.

Putting himself out there, he admits his love and his idea for them to go into the business of giving bike tours, in addition to riding back across country together.

There is so much that happens in this book that makes you laugh and ache for these characters who are more alike than they want to see. It’s a great quick read.
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Ruthie Knox
“Please, Tom. You can't ride your bicycle across the country alone. It's insane. You'll end up being slaughtered by a serial killer."
"Taryn, I'm thiry-five, single, tattooed, and antisocial. I'M the serial killer.”
Ruthie Knox, Ride with Me

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