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Witch & Wizard by James Patterson
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May 23, 12

I found the book very childishly written, not what you would expect from a writer with so much success under his belt. The characters were unconvincing - Wisty did not talk like a 15 year old, and her personality didn't match the truant, saucy teen that she is supposed to be. I mean, she skips school, gets in trouble, has an issue with authority, but has a great, open relationship with her parents? There simply wasn't any of the conflict you would expect if she was to be believable.
The two siblings had these magical powers that only just now begin to manifest, and manifest in a huge way? All of a sudden, they can control their powers and do amazing things, though they never had the slightest idea before that they had powers? Just not believable. The tack-on of them being able to bring an object to prison with them is stupid and pointless. The New Order simply wouldn't have bothered to make that concession, and there is no attempt to explain why they did.
The ending, or rather lack thereof is an annoyance, to say the least. There is simply no satisfaction, just an awkward drop off and enthusiastic call for us to buy more books. The last hundred pages or so were ridiculous - a waste of trees. Were they tacked in there to fool us into thinking we were getting our money's worth from buying this book? The "deleted scenes" added nothing; just more filler to make the book look thicker. I don't appreciate paying good money for what turned out to be half a book.

The story had promise, and I would like to hear how it turned out, but I won't be rushing out to track down the rest of the series. It was just so overly simplistic and shoddily developed - definitely not a book for mature readers. For the preteen set, I think it would make an interesting read, but it had a "thrown-together", amateur quality to it that simply can't stand up to adult standards. Even for a preteen reader, though, the lack of any resolution would be a disappointment.

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