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The Walking Dead, Vol. 03 by Robert Kirkman
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Mar 06, 14

Read on May 23, 2012

this just in! the society for the preservation and protection of humanus nonzombius has just published a new study that could save your life!

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never forget!!

vol. 2 ended with rick grimes and his group coming across a seemingly abandoned prison. they've run out of food and are starting to get tired, fast. since the walking dead have no use for food of the non-cerebral variety, they gotta figure there's some pickings to be had inside. plus, the fortified walls will protect against a possible zombie invasion.

particularly since infection might not be the only way that one turns into a zombie... because the dead-head count is skyrocketing.

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don't listen! it's a trap!

with the exception of a few zombies walking around, though, the jail seems like the perfect place to live. but the group is surprised when they make their way into the prison cafeteria and find four inmates sitting down to a meatloaf dinner.

it seems like a utopia. it's not.

this book is a lot more gruesome than the previous two, as kirkman explores even more moral issues, such as how a society should be run, what rules should govern them, and how justice should be meted out. he also deals with the concepts of murder, suicide, prejudice, revenge, and crime and punishment. really, for a graphic-novel, this is surprisingly deep.

i still like how kirkman is developing his characters. the fights between rick and lori are a little annoying, but because of the groundwork he's laid of their history this makes sense. plus, they're imperfect human beings and stressed out, and their arguments tend to be moral-based instead of, "u were checking that other guy out!!!! u hate meeehhhh!!!"

none of that here, don't worry. and rick is a bit really overconfident, anyway.

yeahhhhhh. something bad happens to him in this book and i was sad, but not particularly surprised because he's had so many close calls already i was kind of expecting something like this.

also, the little budding romance between carl and sophia is so squee. seriously, every time the two of them get together, i want to pinch their adorable little cheeks and sing, "chris and sophia sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g." they're so cute!

so. much. squeeeeee.

my one complaint is that this book ends on a major cliffhanger. but since i've got vol. 4 right here ready to be added to my currently-reading shelf, this bothers me not one iota (nya nya nya).

if being left on tenterhooks bothers you, however, you might want to consider buying the compendium. for sanity's sake.

happy hunting!

(lest we forget) how to kill a zombie

i have also reviewed volume one and volume two.
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