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The Jane Austen Marriage Manual by Kim Izzo
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One word to describe this book: ENTERTAINING.

Okay let’s face it, this is a Bridget Jones meets a modern day Pride and Prejudice, The Jane Austen Marriage Manual is probably one of the most enjoyable ‘chic lit’ books I’ve read in a long time.

It focuses more on how to compare our generation now to the time in the 1800’s where it’s mostly people live a Jane Austen novel. It’s very particular that when you’re a girl, you only wait to grow older and find a husband to satisfy your needs. Well, nowadays, Kate Shaw is trying to mend her life and trying to see if she can live in times like how would Jane Austen do it; by simply, looking for a husband of a good fortune.

It’s an enjoyable read, it made me laugh so much which made me finish this book in just one day. I’m never really a fan of chic-lits, so I wasn’t that determined to read this book at first, I just bought it for the sake of it’s a Jane Austen inspired book. Heck. It’s funny, but its not that Pride and Prejudice retelling classic. Nope, it’s just a great book on how to marry a billionaire. Haha!
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