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Nevermore by James Patterson
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May 22, 2012

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This is going to be a very hard review. On one hand, the book in general fell somewhere between The Final Warning and Angel. On the other hand, I can't really bring myself to give it a bad review.

Ok. So first of all, it wasn't that bad if you set goals. Mine were (view spoiler) Unfortunately, just because those two expectations were met doesn't mean the book actually made complete sense. It was a bit like that whole the-last-months-were-a-dream-wait-no-they-weren't-yes-they-were-never-mind-oh-and-by-the-way-max's-arm-works-again thing in the second or third book. If you don't look too closely, you can skim right over it and move on. As soon as you try to understand it, you're just like, "...What?" Which is sad, because it was the end. There will be no clarification. That was IT. (view spoiler)(view spoiler)

Basically, it's good on a superficial level. As soon as you look too closely (or really try to understand anything at all), it's really disappointing. *sob* This book unfortunately did not deserve my fangirling (or begging my parents to take me to Target 15 minutes before it closed to get it).

Would I recommend it? If you really like the characters, it at least ties up a few loose ends with them, but it also leaves a few questions. If you're looking for a super-amazing plot, than don't even THINK about reading it. I guess I would only recommend it if you need a sense of closure (series-wise, not necessarily character-wise).

And, I nearly forgot. What was that garbage at the end with the "One girl's story ends, another is just beginning" thing? I was like, "I just finished a series that I've been waiting to finish since March... and YOU'RE ALREADY TRYING TO SELL ME ANOTHER BOOK?????" That was low. Really, that was pathetic. Absolutely terrible.
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AND I'M READING IT!!!!!!!1!!!!1!1!!!111!!"
08/06/2012 page 16
4.0% "Gosh, Mylan, take a cue from Tiva. WHAT HAPPENS IN PARIS SHOULD STAY IN PARIS"
08/06/2012 page 39
11.0% "HOLY... IT'S ARI. Why couldn't he just die nice? In a dignified, heart wrenching manner on the side of good? Is he actually back all evil again???"
08/06/2012 page 62
17.0% ""So how was Ari alive? And more important: Why was he suddenly evil again?" My thoughts exactly."
08/06/2012 page 77
21.0% "(No comment here because...stunned silence)"
08/07/2012 page 368
100.0% "... I'm done. Oh my god."
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Cheyenne Serna Carrie, this review... Oh my goodness. I just can't... This is why we are friends

Carrie Cheyenne wrote: "Carrie, this review... Oh my goodness. I just can't... This is why we are friends"

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