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Questionable Content, Vol. 1 by Jeph Jacques
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Just to save myself the effort of tracking down and rating every single collection of QC strips, I'm letting this rating stand in for the comic as a whole.

And am I crazy for rating a webcomic about a bunch of twenty-something indie rock fans who drink a bunch of beer, have a bunch of sex, and say a lot of sarcastic things five stars, thus rating it alongside classics by Vonnegut, Hemingway, and Shakespeare? Probably. But hey, it's a shining example of its medium, arguably the greatest webcomic there is (Homestuck is the only one I'd say challenges it). It's got a phenomenal cast of characters - Jacques takes on a larger amount than most novels do - and he does incredible stuff with every one of them, building them into convincing wholes better than I've ever seen a guy like Charles "Grossly Overrated and Really Boring" Dickens do. It's also got a great sense of humor, combining sarcasm, absurdity, and the occasional sex joke in its witty, rapid-fire dialog. I also love the indie rock references he strews about here and there, being a big fan of the genre myself.

So hey. I'm not sure if it would be considered "high art," but I'm not sure the world really needs a concept of "high art" to begin with. It's a funny, heartwarming comic with a broad cast of characters that you really end up connecting to despite (probably because of, actually, in the case of people like Marten and Hannelore) their neuroses. It's believable, witty, and worth reading again and again. And it's had an influence on my own writing. Besides, why can't we hold comics - both in print and online - up there with novels? I mean, to do a good comic, you have to master both visual art AND storytelling. Oh, and the art's good, too! More later than earlier, and you don't really get that sense from reading this collection as opposed to viewing the comic online, but if you view it online, prepare for some serious art evolution. And character evolution, but that goes without saying.

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Sean Burden I 100% agree with this review and am a daily reader of the comics

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