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The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
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May 22, 12

Read in March, 2012

Egads. One star is one star too many for this book. Positively awful. Dreadful. Terrible. There are not enough negative words in the English language to describe this book.

Another book I read for book club. I was not enthused from the get-go. I made certain to order a used copy of the book (as opposed to the Kindle edition) because I did not want the author to make any money off of my purchase. I do believe in the power of positive thinking, and really like the girl who picked this book, so I truly gave it the ol' college try.

Most of it was merely eye roll worthy. Silly, new-agey crap, but nothing to get me too worked up. That is, until I got to the part wherein she all but blames the Jews for the halocaust. Of course, she doesn't come out and say that. Instead, she couches it carefully and instead talks about "events in which masses of people have died". (That's a rough paraphrase. I'd quote directly from the book, but I've already sent the book on to someone else and have no desire to lay eyes on it again.) She says that, difficult though it may be to accept, people who die in these tragedies certainly brought on their own death by thinking negative thoughts. Had they only thought more positively, they certainly would have survived.

Essentially, all the tradgedies and problems in the world are brought on by a lack of positive thinking. You have cancer? It's your fault. You could cure yourself if you'd just try hard enough. You're fat? It's not beeecause you eat too much! No! That's nonsense! You need merely say to yourself, "I eat anything I want and stay thin!" and it WILL BE SO!!! You can will the universe to behave as you desire!

Of course, you must also be careful in how you word your positive thoughts. You musn't say, "I am not fat," because, apparently, the universe does not "hear" negative words such as "not" and "no". Were you to say, "I am not fat," the universe would merely hear, "fat," and, well, you're right back where you started. Instead, you must think, "I am THIN!" and LO! it will be so.

I'm not gonna lie: after the halocaust implication, she lost me. I was so pissed off, I couldn't do it, not even for book club. Each chapter ends with bullet points, and I did read those. Not that you need to. The book was more succinctly summed up by Peter Pan: "Just think lovely thoughts."

I really do believe in positive thinking. I do not believe in this book. It was an absolute waste of time and $4.
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message 1: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Theiss Is it time for a new book club? I'm so impatient with bad books that I can't join a book club. My refusal to read things that don't interest me would disqualify me. Hope the next book is better.

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