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Up Close, Babe Ruth by Wilborn Hampton
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May 22, 12

In this book it says how Babe Ruth is still talked about as perhaps the greatest baseball player ever to step on a diamond. He was born with a poor family in Baltimore, George. Herman Ruth Jr. was sent to a Catholic school at age seven, where he learned how to play baseball. He did very well for his first time and was seen as a very talented young boy. Babe Ruth then went on to shatter every home run record on the books. When fewer games were played in a season and a heavier ball was used to make it fair if he were to break a record. In this visual and heart pumping biography, award-winning author Wilborn Hampton shares with readers The Babe Ruth was also a man of big heart, temper, and appetite.
I can’t relate to this book because I only played baseball for about two years and I wasn't very good at it. I wasn't a home run hitter, but I got the ball out there for the most part.
I liked this book because I love learning about historic people and how they came to be. Babe Ruth was a perfectionist when it came to baseball. I found it interesting how Babe Ruth sometimes had trouble managing his anger when it came to baseball. If Babe Ruth would strike out then he would be so angry that when he got back to the dough outs he'd punch the fence.
I would recommend this book to anyone who loves baseball and who loves learning about the great Bambino. (Babe Ruth) I loved reading this book and if you decide to read it I know that you’ll love it too. So all of you baseball lovers and historian lovers, go on out and pick yourself up a copy today!

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message 1: by Paul (new)

Paul Brown I'm not really into baseball but I do know that Babe Ruth was an amazing player. He had so many homeruns that it was pretty crazy. I would like to read more about him so I might try that book out

message 2: by Christene (new)

Christene Renshaw I'm not really into baseball either but I absolutely love the story of Babe Ruth I will have to read this.

message 3: by Cole (new)

Cole Fairbanks so like a good book from what i hear. not a big baseball fan though

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