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Fruits Basket, Volume 17 by Natsuki Takaya
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May 22, 12

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** spoiler alert ** GREAT installment! Seriously I'd like it to be Kureno and Akito much more than Shigure and Akito... and I would've liked Kureno and Akito even better if Akito didn't turn out to be a woman. But I'm still going to call Akito a "he" because he totally is a he to me still. A very needy "he" but I still can't think of Akito as anything but a man after 100 chapters of reading of him as a man.

Hey, the plot device about Akito was interesting, I'm just saying it is not my thing. Every once in a while revealing a character to be of a different sex than you thought them to be is intriguing, but usually I don't like it. Almost always I don't like it. So I don't like it here and I much would have preferred it just to be Kureno and Akito two men. Oh well.

I must hand it to Natsuki Takaya though for sudddenly getting me interested in the relationships between AKITO and other characters! That's pretty amazing!

And, of course, I also have to mention the whole Kureno's-already-broken-the-curse! deal was AWESOME. I thought he was such a bland character when I met him. Oh no Kureno is awesome.

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