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Cursed by T.L.   Brown
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May 22, 2012

really liked it
Recommended for: Older YA
Read on May 22, 2012 , read count: Once

"Cursed, Book One of the Devil's Roses" is one of the most unique reads I've read in a while. The book hooked me from the Prologue when the main character is hunting down her prey and stumbles upon someone from her past. After quickly leaving the scene, she begins to remember her former life.
High School senior Aimee James is the stable good girl twin while her sister Alise is the party boy crazed one. Alise is dating Shane, the boy, Aimee has been crushing on for a long time. What kind of person could she be if she is crushing on her sister's boy toy. So, she does what any self respecting good sister would do. If you can't be with the one you love, you love the one you'r with! She attempts to begin a romance with her soulmate and best friend Blake.

While attending the first party Aimee has attended since the death of her mother, Aimee is poisoned by a date rape concoction she shared with one of her sister's best friends. After being rushed to the hospital, she discovers that the drug has damaged her liver as well as her friends. Aimee is on the lucky end while her friend is going to need a liver transplant. Aimee begins to recover but not before discovering her twin sister has kisses Blake her best friend. Not only has Alise crossed boundaries she never should have she has also embarassed Shane. Aimee is left feeling betrayed. Her memory begins to return and she recalls that she was saved the night of the party by a blond guy who causes her to throw up the vile drug and clean her up. Who is he and why doesn't anyone know who he is?

Aimee begins to date Shane and her sister continues on her dating of her best friend. At another party, another girl is poisoned with the drug and is raped. Aimee finds her and manages to get her help. Unfortunately, she does not make it and Aimee has a relapse tha sends her back into the hospital. She is dying but is provided with the option to live by a stranger who is part demon. She decides to accept his offer and mixes blood with him. What will follow will change her life forever.

This book is initial told from the point of view of Aimee the adult; then, Aimee the High School student and finally, back to Aimee the adult. It was a very creative approach. However, in all honesty the ending was so confusing and convoluted that I was left scratching my head saying, "Huh, what?" It truly was a shame! I really liked where this story was heading until the ending. Now, I am left reeling and wondering what the hell? Oh well, I guiess I will go on to the read the second book to see if it resolves my issues. If it does not, I will not complete the series.

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Jenna I felt the same way about the end! Was it Aleksander or Shane that she saw? And we dont't know what happened with her and Aleksander!! I really liked him! And what about Aleks's father? So many unanswered questions!!!

Marsha Jenna:
I do not want to spoil it for you. However, read my review of the second book in the series, Bane (The Devil's Roses 2). I think that sums up my feelings.

Jenna Do you know what happened to Aleks?

Marsha Jenna:
I normally do not give away secrets. However,if you have a Kindle, I am willing to loan you the book as long as you return it to me within 30 days.

Jenna That would be awesome! I don't know how that works though.

Marsha I will contact you via the private goodreads mail.

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