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My Life as a Dissociated Personality by B.C.A.
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Dissociation of a Personality's precocious baby sister: interesting, charming, and - comprising just two not-very-lengthy articles from 'The Journal of Abnormal Psychology' - terribly, terribly short.

While I'm almost positive 'B.C.A' represents an iatrogenic case of multiplicity - Our Heroine experiences none of the typical amnestic blanks you'd expect as she alternates between her two 'selves' until Dr. Prince starts using hypnosis to treat her, and she uses a great deal of Prince's own psychiatric jargon to describe her condition later - she does seem to be fairly far along on her own before her therapy, and her summation of the experience raises all sorts of possibilities as to how dual personality might form and progress, as it were, In The Wild.

I wonder if there were other, later, articles on the 'B.C.A' case?

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0.0% "Another contender for the first Properly Published autobiography of a 'multiple' - though who knows how many other articles like this made their way into independent hardcover format? Mary Reynolds may yet be the first after all - and with a foreword from Dr. Wrong himself, Morton Prince. Predates Chris Costner Sizemore's first attempt at a psychiatric memoir by some 50 years."
8.0% "'After prolonged study this latter normal state was obtained in hypnosis, and, on being waked up, a personality was found which possessed the combined memories of A and B and was free from the pathological stigmata which characterised each. [...] The normal C had, therefore, split into two systems of complexes or personalities, A and B.' That doesn't necessarily follow, Dr. Prince; you might've just made a new one."
8.0% "'I have now, as "C", all the memories of both states (though none of the co-conscious life which, as B, I claimed and believed I had).' Now, this is interesting - I wonder if it's typical?"
16.0% "'B.C.A' describes the formation of her two personality states as being somewhat gradual: following a bereavement, she becomes very withdrawn and possessed of many morbid fears that restrict her movements and agency - and yet sometimes, to her pleasant surprise, she finds herself suddenly unrestricted and happy. After another emotional 'shock', this second state abruptly starts keeping its memories to itself."
22.0% "Wait - I'm wrong. Our Heroine initially remembers being both state A and state B as she alternates between them; the amnesia between states only begins once Prince has spoken to both personality states under hypnosis. Oh, dear."
26.0% "'I would often wake in the morning, as A, to find a note on my pillow or on the table - usually of a jeering tone - telling me to "cheer up", or "weep no more", etc,; sometimes these notes would be in rhyme and nearly all advised me not to trouble Dr. Prince so much.'"
28.0% "'As B, I felt very grateful to you for treating me as if I were a "real" person and allowing me to express my own personality. With everyone else, I had to pretend to be A, and my feeling of gratitude and the fact that you asked for my cooperation - put me on my honour, as it were - was the underlying motive in telling you so much of A's inner life.'"
34.0% "'August 26. Such a day! A got away from me for a little while and tried to write a letter to Dr. Prince. It was a funny looking letter for I kept saying to her "you cannot write, you cannot move your hand" but she had enough will power to write some and directed it. The effort used her up, however, and the letter was not mailed.'"

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