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The Marriage Ring by Cathy Maxwell
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You've got a stuffy lawyer with a body of a giant and a beautiful petite actress/singer who's blackmailing his family. They go on a journey to find out the truth and they end up with their own happily ever after.

This is a favorite of mine, and I've re-read it many times and I know I'll probably re-read it again. The first time I read this I rated it 4 stars but after I've re-read it I can't figure out why I didn't make it 5 stars. Since it's not fair, because I don't re-read all my books, I won't change the rating but I can tell you I think it fits in the 5 star category.

I think Cathy Maxwell has given us something new here. Sometimes I get tired of reading about Dukes and Earls and people who are poor but then find out they come from a rich family. Here we've got two people of the lower class (well the hero isn't lower class but he's someone who works for a living) and the heroine isn't a virgin- (view spoiler). I re-read this when I want to read about a non-virgin heroine with stuffy hero, just so I can step away from the world of balls and ballgowns stories.

I love that the heroine and hero even fit their names... 'Richard' is the perfect name for a stuffy attorney and Grace is the perfect name for a beautiful singer. She's not a courtesan by any means but she's not a mistress.. she's had lovers but she's not loose and she doesn't spend her time trying to seduce Richard or mess with his head. They are pretty honest with each other and I love that about them- no big misunderstandings until the small one at the end but even then that felt understandable. He's not a giant teddy bear, he's a giant tough guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and he's just looking for someone to love him.

Separately they might be lacking but together they become a power-couple and I can really see them having lots of babies while he works in his office and she sings them lullabies.

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