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Blood Betrayed by Gabrielle Bisset
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Sep 10, 2012

it was amazing
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Read in May, 2012 — I own a copy

Rating: 5
Heat Hating: 3 out of 5

As I sit here trying to write this review I find myself tongue tied. This book evoked such a powerful response in me that I have no idea how to convey it. Not to mention trying to do that without any spoilers LOL!

Blood Betrayed is the second book in Gabrielle Bisset's Sons of Navarus series and is Saint's story. Saint, otherwise known as Declan Collins, is the brother of Teagan who was Vasilije's vampire that got staked at the beginning Blood Avenged.

Blood Betrayed starts off right where Blood Avenged ends. It also starts off with a flashback - there are a lot of them in the book as the author uses them to enhance the story -where we learn that our hero is a criminal in his world. He was shunned for 10 years for his crime - dishonoring the sire bond. You see, in Gabrielle Bisset's vampire world the most important laws revolve around the bond between a vampire and his sire. The sire sorta "owns" the vampires that he/she makes and only when the sire is ready can the vampire make certain decisions of his/her own. The thing was, because Saint had an extremely negligent and absent sire his views on the sire bond were very liberal and along with some betrayal got him in trouble. Not to mention caused him to become a terrible sire himself.

Saint and his brother Teagan were both turned on the same night though Teagan was turned by Vasilije. I must say, despite all his faults, Vasilije can be a great sire to his favorites. He was like this with Teagan and Saint grew to dislike him for it. Not only had he taken Teagan from Saint but he also caused him to change into someone that Saint no longer wanted to be around.

OK, so you're probably wondering why I'm babbling about the bond between vampires and sires so much. There is a couple of reasons why. First and foremost is because the whole story revolves around it. When Saint became a Son he needed the strength that only vampire blood could provide so he could fight the Archons. Because he would only drink from his own - he got the name Saint because he only slept with human women and drank vampire blood when only absolutely necessary and even then he would only drink from his on vamps - it became a problem when none of his vampire responded to his calls. They did this because he was a rotten sire. Another reason that I put so much significance on the relationship between vampires and their sires is because though Vasilije is the leader of the Son's, Saint can't stand him because of the way he used his sire bond to control Teagan. Since Vasilije was in this book a lot, we got to see Saint's less than pleasant reaction a lot LOL! The third reason why I spoke so much about sire bonds is because that's what brought our Heroine Solenne into the war between the Sons and the Archons- the power hungry judges of the vampire world. Solenne is on of Teagan's vampires and she wanted to get back at the Archons for their part in killing Teagan. When she learned that Saint was to be the next Son to have an assassin sent after him she took him in to protect him.

So now that I've given you some of the background info let me tell you me opinion on the book. I LOVED IT!

One thing that I really loved about this book was that there were two things that happened that took me totally by surprise. The first one the death of a once beloved character. The second was the appearance of someone that I never thought I'd meet. Let me tell you, it was a true OMG moment I even had to email Gabrielle about these things to say "What the hell?". That's the best thing about indie authors, they tend to cultivate closer relationships with their fans.

Another cool thing about this book was the awesome attention to character development. Gabrielle's excellent usage of flashbacks gave the reader such a wonderful picture of who Saint really was. It was so easy to feel his loneliness. The continuation of Vasilije's presence in the series shows us just how different he his from Saint. It also shows us just how much of an obnoxious jerkwad he can be. While we saw him as a hero and a lover in Blood Avenged we now get a different look at him. The mystery character that I mentioned? Yeah, he's an a$$h*le. He was only in the story for a short time but my disgust of him was real. Gabrielle made it easy to hate him. It was also easy to hate the primary villain, the Archon Marc Verrater. Because of the way he was written I can easily picture him and his evilness.

I guess the thing that I loved the most about this was that the author kept me guessing. There was no "premature explanation". I kept on trying to figure out who exactly betrayed Saint and what he had actually done to require such a severe punishment for his supposed crime. It took me a while to figure out why Saint hated - or appeared to hate - Solenne as much as he did. It was like everywhere you turned there was another surprise.

As far as the romance in this book goes it was pretty neat. Within Saint lies a poet's heart. Listen to this "I spent a century alone, an outcast from the world, but what was worse was not having you." This was another good one "Solenne, they've called me Saint for nearly a century because I refused to sleep with any female vampire - not just mine but any female of our kind. Did you doubt that I love you? That I ever stopped loving you?" I mean,the guy had only slept with one female vampire and because he loved her some much he wasn't going to do it with another. *sigh*

I just can't say enough good things about this book. Gabrielle Bisset has another hit on her hands!

On a side note...

The Archon's assistant Rochelle's continuous babbling about subjects that nobody cared about reminded me of my man. He's constantly droning on about something or other LOL.

I suggest reading this series in order. You might also want to read Gabrielle's novella Vampire Dreams(see my review HERE).
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