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Wacky Wednesday by J.A. Rock
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Aug 02, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: lgbtq, romance
Read in August, 2012

True story: I sat down at 3pm with a way-too-early screwdriver and this book. After alternately laughing my ass off and saying OUT LOUD, "Unf" on and off, I finished the book, looked up, and saw that it was now 6pm.... and I had eaten this book whole.

Okay. So first, let me be technical. When I read By His Rules, the thing that really struck me was the effortless but judicious use of PoV. That goes for this book, too. It's alternating 1st person between Jayk and Amon--clearly and intelligently delineated at the beginning of each chapter, which is much appreciated when that particular choice was made. It's a difficult choice--a risky choice, in fact, but it worked, oh my god, it is a CLASS in how well it can work. Their voices were different, individual, and yet had just enough of a shared sense of humor that, in spite of their differences, I instantly GOT why they belonged together.

That's wholly apart from the obvious when it comes to a DD relationship. Which was presented, of course, quite beautifully. And again in the PoV vein (sorry to harp on it, but it's a thing of mine): Rock does the most amazing job making each of them feel the others' interest in their relationship, in the Dom or sub aspect, in the pain and affection, in the personality of the other man--and in the process lets us live that love. Not into spanking? That's okay, because you'll completely get it, here. Not into subbing? Oh, for those moments through flash-back-Jayk and Amonbrain!Jayk's eyes? You might be. We get both sides of the coin, we are made to live both sides, as our heroes are.

That, my friends, is good writing. The best.

Which is why, in spite of the hilarious absurdity of the bodyswap concept, it works. (FTR: hilarious absurdity is kinda my thing anyhow, so that's not a bad thing in my book--but bear with me.) In the best Freaky Friday tradition, it serves as metaphor for what everyone--regardless of what sort of relationship works for them--really, really must do in order to ensure the happiness of said relationship: they have to know what it's like to be the other person. What it means to want that, to feel that, to need that, to live it.

Also, serious props to Rock for the power dynamic. I admit to being really easily squicked by a hastily drawn or caricatured power dynamic. She nails it. Man. So good. Gorgeous.

But perhaps most importantly, this is the funniest fucking book I've read in... a long, long time. I mean really. Jayk is the most adorably hilarious brat ever. I want to send him an order of crab rangoon just for making me giggle for three hours straight. Also... hot. So hot. God. Damn.
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message 1: by Corinne (new) - added it

Corinne You know I don't tend to read erotica outside of your stuff, but this--omg, I HAVE to try this book at some point. That concept is gold.

message 2: by KV (new) - rated it 5 stars

KV Taylor I think you'll really like it, Corinne. It doesn't take itself at all too seriously, and yet it's totally heart-stopping in that excellent romance way. You'll love the technical mastery with the first person. Right up your alley!

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