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The Reptile Room by Lemony Snicket
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May 21, 12

The three Baudelaire children: Violet, sunny and Klaus are taken to their new home after the incident with Count Olaf; one who wants to get his hand on their fortune. He meets his new guardian Montgomery; one who loves and cares for reptile. In one corner of the house is a room full of reptiles and he has kept them in his property. But with the schemes of Olaf; he tries another tactic on getting his hands on the fortune and one thing in his was Montgomery. So he devised plans, and disguised himself and got close to Montgomery for his scheme to take action. When the Baudelaire returned, everything was too late – it was all gone – gone for good.

This book was excellent, the details and the actions were terrifying. After reading this book, it made me think of a message and what thought the message of this book was; evil for to fail and justice, light is to succeed. Nothing Is impossible and nothing possible is impossible. Like how the Baudelaire; a couple a kids could spoil the plans of a evil man who plans to go through any means necessary to get his hands on their fortune. To most people, a couple of kids would seem impossible to solving this mystery, but to these kids; nothing is impossible when they want justice and have a common goal; to stop Olaf.

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