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May 23, 2012

it was ok
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Read from May 21 to 22, 2012

i think it was at page 178 when i checked out, mentally.

nerve fibers twitched, yanked the legs from nanobots, hurled others into flesh walls. what seemed like meters m-sub became mere inches m-sub as the spasm contracted nerve and wracked muscle.

vincent sent both his biots, half-crippled, but not dead just yet, no definitely not dead, straight into the confused mass of nanobots, plowed bodily into them with all the speed they could manage and kept thrashing ahead, dragging the microphages with them, scraping them off in the tangle of thrashing titanium.

the biots erupted through the platoons of nanobots that now added the goo of microphages to their difficulty unraveling themselves.

yeah, it turns out i am not a fan of sci-fi even when it is YA sci-fi.

but this is just me - for people who have a better head for nanotechnology and innerspace-like adventures - this is your book. it is just not my book.

like i really need a book reminding me about all the stuff living on my skin and in my eyebrows, feasting heartily on my dead skin cells.

no, i do not. the close-up descriptions of what is happening "in the meat" made me quite ill. i needed a good scrub, way more than i did after reading fifty shades of gray. i frequently became itchy reading this book, and i am terrified that i have been infested with tiny bots. i am never touching anyone or anything again. i am constructing a bubble as we speak.

this is definitely a plot-driven book - that characters have only the barest development, and many of them are not even given closure in this book, i suppose paving the way for a sequel. to my underdeveloped science-mind, it was confusing, and there weren't any characters to hold onto for grounding. but for those of you who are better than i am at visualizing book-action and like a lot of gross-out images - here's a book for you!

that is all. i need a shower.
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Rory Gallagher Hm. To be honest, I was disappointed with BZRK (I'm not sure how much of it you've read yet). If you've read the GONE series, you'll know that Grant can be an excellent author, but I just completely lost interest halfway through BZRK. Maybe I just didn't appreciate the concept :)

karen oh my god - what a relief!i have like thirty pages left and i checked out mentally ages ago...

message 3: by Bill (new)

Bill double yuck.

Angela yeahhhh im like on the 6th chapter and ive mentally checked out. i guess itz just not my type of book. i loved the gone series i was hoping this would measure up to them abit but i dont like it :(

message 5: by Julie (new) - added it

Julie Don't judge all sf or all YA sf by this book. I'm an avid ya and sf reader and I couldn't get past page 66. You might try Hunger Games or Cory Doctorow's Little Brother or Pirate Cinema.

karen oh, no, i read plenty of YA!! don't worry about me!

MoyJoy it's tough to rate a book that's probably great to someone else but just not my taste. sigh. i almost don't want to... but alas, i will.

karen sometimes you gotta do it.

MoyJoy done! ;)

message 10: by Soph (new) - rated it 2 stars

Soph I got reccommended this book by my students. I am finding I tough. same as ypu karen I thought a YA would be a good introduction to the genre, as ive never read one. I don't want to be beaten by this book!

karen it's not a good advertisement for the genre, certainly.

message 12: by Katbyrdie (new) - added it

Katbyrdie I love sci-fi, no matter the audience, but when a quotes already confuse me, then it's a no-go. Thanks for the review!

karen you are welcome!

Ibokensvärld I agree with you on so many levels.

Laura Yeah, I checked out but still finished it.

karen yeah, i finished it too, but my heart just wasn't in it,

message 17: by Veronica (new) - added it

Veronica Thank you, then i don't need to start the bok at all. Great help

karen i live to serve.

message 19: by Veronica (new) - added it

Veronica :)

message 20: by Lai (new)

Lai Sevin Thank you for your comment. I created this account so that I can like your comment! It made me laugh so hard!! I was in a library looking at this book and then decided to search online for a review. That's when I come across this comment and it is clear that i won't like this book

karen hahah wow, you went to a lot of effort and i thank you for it!

message 22: by George Hyatt (new) - added it

George Hyatt Read all three books in the space of a few days and I loved it although I will look out for any blazer and top hat wearing people

message 23: by Kim (new)

Kim Hilarious review is hilarious XD thanks for writing this

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