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Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris
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Oct 02, 2008

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I started reading these books because of the show on HBO, which I find somewhat uneven in tone, but mostly enjoyable in execution and very interesting in terms of its premise. Because I was so intrigued by the premise, I figured I'd dig the books. They have not disappointed me. I find them dangerously cheesy at times (not just all the love scenes, which are rendered in a way that always makes me feel like Fabio should be posing on the cover, but also the minute descriptions of Sookie's attire - more than once, she mentions putting up her hair with a "banana clip" - WTF? and lots of other little things like that), but once I start reading them, I literally CANNOT put them down. I've been late practically everywhere the past week because of these books - I always think, "Just a few more pages won't hurt..." and I'm very sorry that there's 8 of them and I'm already on #3... Sookie is a very compelling and likable heroine, and despite all the (heavy) cheese, some really interesting ideas are touched on, and the dynamics between certain characters are often quite nuanced. So I guess much like the blonde, buxom Sookie Stackhouse herself, there's more to these books than meets the eye. However, I'm not out-and-out recommending these to any of my friends because I do have a weakness for fantasy and superhero-related genres (that none of you share), and my attachment to this series may have much to do with that (in addition to my fondness for banana clips)... but certainly, anyone who shares my bent should check these out. [FYI - for fans of the show who watch for Lafayette and Tara, they are very minor characters in the books and hardly mentioned at all.]
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rachelle What IS up with the banana clip? The author must have thought "Sookie's scrunchie" would be too precious.

message 2: by Rosa (last edited Dec 10, 2008 05:09AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Rosa I've now read all 8 books, and the fashion choices never get less scary - I even wondered at some point if it was on purpose, that Sookie's horrible taste is supposed to make her more endearing to us? Except whichever designated suitor who's nearby inevitably growls/makes eyes/etc. appreciatively over her getup... I guess in a world where werewolves and vampires and fairies easily mix among humans, it's conceivable that a banana clip would be a fashion-forward accessory.

Megan I'm glad I'm not the only one disturbed by her fashion choices. Jeans that lace up the sides and tweety bird sleep shirts? Gah!

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