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Eating Well for Optimum Health by Andrew Weil
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Jul 30, 12

Read from May 23 to July 25, 2012

Picked up at the transfer station. I may have read some of this before but I need to read more. My diet is mediocre at best. Actually, at best it's better than that. I just don't hang out there regularly enough.
I just started this morning and didn't get very far. Wasn't this guy an LSD user years ago? I'm thinking this book might be padded with a lot of non-essential stuff. Like recipes. If you're a reasonably "normal" grown-up and can't prepare you're own food you need to go back to go and start again.
I'm not moving along real fast but I just read some interesting stuff about competing diet Messiahs(Atkins et al). I'm digesting this slowly and hoping for some real help.
Two pages... sheesh; not much progress there but my free time is suddenly restricted by new job demands. I HATE that!
Further on(but slowly)... Just waded through pages of bio-chemistry. A waste of time exacerbated when the author then sums it all up again! Most of us just want to get to the salient topics: what and how should we be eating(or NOT eating).
Moving along into the good stuff now. The nitty gritty about good carbs/bad carbs and so on. This is what I'm looking to build a better food plan.
A few more pages... still too much chemical detail to wade through but I'm moving through it.
Slow progress... and more unnecessary chemical detail; though the author even states that he finds it necessary. IT AINT'T!
Still plugging away and done with the fats for now. Next up: protein.
Protein... something most of us in America get too much of along with the animal fat that goes with it. I read on...
'Bout halfway through as I creep along. Just finished with protein and now onto micronutrients.
I swear I'm gonna finish this book. Now we're into looking at various kinds of diets tied to culture. The American diet seems to be the worst possible. All that processed food, pesticides, animal fat, carbs, additives etc.
Getting there slowly. Next up is a chapter about weight. A particular and life-long problem for me: junk food addict and compulsive eater/ self-medicator.
I'm STILL reading it. A little at a time. It's interesting to see how clueless the author is in some ways from the perspective of OA recovery. He writes one story of a woman who "saves herself" from bulimia with "no help from anyone"(is that a GOOD thing?) but her "after" eating habits don't sound so emotionally or physically healthy either.
Finally finished! I did this by skipping the 50+ pages of dubious(especially the sugar-laden desserts) recipes. A few quibbles: He keeps talking about "pleasure from eating". That's a dangerous concept. The point is to eat for good health AND a certain amount of
satisfaction or whatever. He never mentions compulsive (over-)eating or food/junk food addiction. He says the purpose of eating is to "Promote social interaction and reinforce your personal and cultural identity" - WTF! Keep it simple Dude... Otherwise a good book to keep around for reference and remember... ixnay on "partially hydrogenated" and no raw mushrooms. How have I survived?


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