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Insurgent by Veronica Roth
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Nov 28, 2015

did not like it
bookshelves: action, death, freedom, series

TCL Call#: YA Roth V

Madeleine - 1 star
Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! I loved the first book. I actually stopped reading this book at page 80 out of pure irritation. It so did not work for me. And it had lots of holds. So back it goes to the library and I shall try it again later.
For what it's worth, the 80 pages killed me. Tris grated in the way teen genre authors love to make their characters - questionable decisions (I'm sure she'll learn from them later, however she should not have been that stupid to begin with) and sliding morals. I absolutely hate when teen authors do this. You can almost hear them saying to themselves "these are formative years where a youth is resolving the self" blah, blah. It could ring true if the "set ups" weren't so obvious to where I want to say "the pig doesn't jump over the moon, silly, it's the COW".


Chris’ Rating: 2.7 Stars
Dauntless is divided, with half the faction siding with Erudite despite the way they were used in the last book. Amity refuses to become involved in the conflict any more than providing a safe haven for the peaceful…which may not be so safe after all. Candor also wants peace. But there are many factionless…more than Tris ever realized…and they want Erudite’s blood.
The series continues. It is bloody. Tris faces her guilt and argues with Four A LOT. It was never easy for me to buy into this senseless society and it didn’t really get any easier—even with the explanation at the end. (view spoiler) Besides never being truly invested in the story I didn’t like some of the stupid decisions, the constant fighting, or even romance, etc. (view spoiler) Probably still a good read for those who really liked Divergent and have to know what is going to happen.

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