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Living History by Hillary Rodham Clinton
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May 21, 2012

really liked it

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Natalie I wonder how it would have turned out if she had become president. The race card would be out. But the Bitch card would be drawn. I think she's a pretty interesting lady. I like biographies, too, so maybe this.

Natalie This book is next on my list. It's available at the library.

Angela I read this a while ago- and I think she will run in 2016!

Natalie I think she would have been a great president this time, and delt with the asses more strongly than Obama, but they would have tried harder to eat her up than they have Obama. Strong women are easily made into raving bitch types! Plus we are dealing with war in the countries that discount women as human beings, so I voted for B.O. last time. I'd definately vote for her! Arrrghhh!! The library is closed today!

Natalie I'd vote for her in 2016

Angela She's a smart and accomplished woman and she's got my support if she runs. I supported Obama after comparing the two on their views on issues that mattered to me. I got some flack from my feminist friends who thought it appalling that I didn't support the female candidate.. In my mind, feminism is all about being able to make decisions not based on gender- interesting, no? Did you finish the book?

Natalie Still reading! I voted Obama in the end, because he seemed best overall. Just voting in a black guy or a woman doesn't make any sense at all! She's got way more world experience and hands on USA background. I think she could go up against the good ol boys club much better than Obama next time. They have made it their mission to do whatever it takes to get him to look bad, she'd take that on and twist it.

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