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Objects of My Affection by Jill Smolinski
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May 22, 12

it was ok
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Read from May 20 to 22, 2012

I have given up on this book about halfway through ... here's the breaking point at which I decided enough was enough ...

Lucy, the protagonist, has a flashback to a night when she was woken up by her teenage son, announcing that money was needed to pay for the cab in which he'd just arrived. She goes out, hands the guy three twenties for a $53 fare, whereupon he berates her for letting her son visit crack dens. Whoa! My first thought was, "I had no idea that cabbies are summoned to crack dens, where they willingly pick up patrons?" The author seems to equate crack dens with say "dive" bars. Ummmm ... no.

Early on, Lucy had engaged in a bout of self-pity over her boyfriend Daniel having "dumped" her, mysteriously intoning "If only it had been for another woman ..." As it turns out, he stopped seeing her because she refused to address said offspring's drug problem. To me, THAT'S a valid reason; "dumping" would be along the lines of "sorry ... just not working out."

The kid, Ash, is away at rehab in Florida during the story, though Lucy speaks of him as though he were dead. Again, early on, we're told his father had stopped contact, saying Ash's visits were "disruptive" to the (new, second) family, implying I suppose a self-centered, hostile father and step-mother. Later, not long before I bailed, Ash calls his mother to say that he realizes his substance abuse stems from being "abandoned" by his father, but Lucy is to blame because "You didn't try to stop me using drugs!" Sounded to me like he's a spoiled brat, who refuses to own his actions, but hey ... I'm just a mean old curmudgeon I guess.

Besides the continuous moaning-over-Ash, there was too much of a chick-lit erotica aspect commenting on both Daniel and Niko, the hot guys she's thrown in with on her new job. Janet Evanovich got to the lust-triangle thing first, which I didn't like then, finding it even worse several copycats later.

What does work (and why I stuck around so long) is the character of Marva, the artist whose house she's been hired to de-clutter. Even there, I wanted to smack my mp3 player, as a proxy for Lucy, when she threw a huge hissyfit over a package containing three Dale Chilhuily bowls that arrives one day at the house, accusing Marva of "sabotaging" her work. HEL-LO ... Marva obviously ordered them long before Lucy was hired!

Marva had interesting potential, but I feared I might need drugs myself to deal with another reference to St. Ash. Ugh!

The audio narration seemed a slightly off fit in that Lucy sounded a lot younger than nearly 40, but then again, she is an immature, clueless character.

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Melissa Marin I understand the frustration with the characterization of Ash... If you made it to the end, you'd see that the character realized her kid was kind of a P.O.S. and he gets his come uppance. It balanced itself out. She starts to see that she was acting like an idiot and I felt it wrapped things up nicely.

John Fair enough - I've written my share of "if you'd continued, there was a payoff" comments myself.

Melissa Marin :) I agree with the rest of your points - spot on! I also listened to the audiobook so I had the same thoughts about the narration.

Lindalu John, loved this review and thanks for the laugh--- if only you had made it farther into the book, you would have read that -- wait for it -- Daniel DID NOT break up with Lucy- she broke up with HIM and just somehow conveniently forgot about that part. Eye rolling all around on this book !

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