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Afterlight by Elle Jasper
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Warning some very small spoilers. I've been avoiding vampire books for a while now. Blame it on certain books with sparkly, metro-sexual, angst ridden vampires. Fortunately, this book did not have a single sparkly vampire to be seen. What it did have was a strong alpha male who was sexy as hell without being overly creepy. Oh and he wasn't a wimp he was old school scary vampire.

The best part of the book is the heroine herself. She is kick-ass. I love that she had truly a dark past. She spent her teen years doing drugs, drinking, partying, and having sex. I love that she unapologetically admits that she used to be a drug addict and the sad horrible things she would do to get high. But with the help of her surrogate grandfather she got off of drugs and made a name for herself as a tattoo artist.

So while I adored Riley Poe so much what turned me off and took this book from a solid 4 star down to a 3 star was her "unique blood". If I had read one more time about her "special blood type" that drives vampires crazy I swear I was gonna scream. I got it the first 5 times you mentioned it don't need to see it another 10 times.

I normally do not care for sex scenes but was very happy with the ones in this book. First off the scenes were hot hot hot. But they were not all the book was about and there were only really 2 or 3 graphic scenes and those took place nearly half way through the book. This is how I like steamy sex scenes. Not too much and not right from the beginning.

Loved the ending of the book and can't wait to see what happens next.

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