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The Loner by Josephine Cox
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May 20, 2012

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I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.I think this timeless tail was a good choice of my time to read.It was humorous and exciting in some parts but hard to read most of the time.It was followed by boring details.Home is where the heart is - but it's also where the pain lurks! After a tragic accident involving his mother, and the disappearance of his father, young Davie flees his hometown of Blackburn, unsure of what the future holds. Devastated, he must escape the haunting memories of the worst night in his young life. With little more than the shirt on his back and a fierce determination to find his father, he sets off on a lonely, friendless road. Back home, those Davie has left behind wait anxiously; Kathleen, his childhood friend who has held a secret close to her heart these past few years, and Joseph, his grandfather whose guilt at the events that dreadful night burns right to his soul. Will they ever see Davie again? And if he comes back, what then? Eventually, after months of searching and with danger lurking at every turn, Davie finds a friend and a place to stay. Perhaps now his heart and mind will find peace. But his hopes are shortlived when Fate urges him to decide whether to keep running or go back and battle his demons.

Characters:Afflicted by the worst nightmarish night in his life, Davie Adams, the main character of The Loner, is a vulnerable teenager who decides to escape from the family home in Blackburn. His decision is taken after the sudden departure of his father, Don, that same night in great anger and despair and the tragic and unexpected death of his alcoholic, uncontrollably loose, young mother, Rita, also the same night. Davie leaves his beloved maternal grandfather, Joseph, behind.

Protagonist:The exciting events that happen along the way to help
along his journy!

Antagonist:The harshness of the journy of his home town of Blackburn facing the Demons left behind

THoughts:The story moves very slowly for no reason. The setting of the story takes too long and could have been made shorter. On the other hand, the ending is accelerated. It’s an unpretentious romantic, dramatic story with a happy ending. An easy read.

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