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A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle
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Dec 04, 13

it was amazing

the book that first inspired me to tentatively pick up my pencil and my marbled black-and-white composition notebook (remember those?) and write (in 4th grade). the influence l'engle herself and her work have had on my life cannot be understated. i met her many many years later, during college, when she was well into her 80s, but she was exactly as i pictured her-- spirited, engaging, challenging. when i (very nervously and shyly) told her that she gave me my first inspiration to write, she looked me in the eyes and, with a genuineness in her tone i can't describe, thanked me. i gave her my book to be autographed. she signed in it an handed it back to me. as i walked away, i read her inscription, which said, with love and a flourish, "ananda!" i admit it-- i had to look it up to find out what it meant and when i did, my respect for her grew even deeper (i won't get into the entire background of the word/name here, you can google it yourself). "ananda" means bliss or joy. it was so perfect, i nearly cried.

an amazing book and an amazing woman.
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message 1: by DaveR (new) - added it

DaveR Very engaging review. I have to say I heard a talk by L'engle on the web site "" and you captured her vitality perfectly. I've never read "Wrinkle" but have put it high on my "to read" list.

Dave R.

Jean i remember that day at smith, too, all of us sitting on the floor of the alumnae house around her in her armchair, telling stories. it was so magical. it was the second time i had met her; the first time was at a signing when i was 10-ish, where my mother more or less forced her to read the first book i had written. it was about fleas. she did sign it, something about keep writing, and i treasure both memories.

i have to admit, though, on this re-read of wrinkle, which i would have given 5 stars before, i was really troubled by some gender stuff (like how the boys, including calvin, automatically understand every situation, and treat meg like she's sweet but not so bright, and it's never really countered). i'm very sorry to say so, and it only slightly diminishes the book for me, but it bugged me.

on the other hand, all the extra-terrestrial stuff is INCREDIBLY AWESOME. maybe i'm just too-wanting the book to be perfect because of loving it and L'Engle so much. i'll still re-read the others.

Ethan The Talkative One :D I still have those note books and I'm in 4th grade

Mari I am deeply jealous to hear you met her. I first read A Wrinkle in Time in 6th grade. To this day I thank my reading teacher for introducing me to this incredible story and author.

Courtney My great-aunt gave me the series when I was 10 and I've read them every couple of years since. Some of my favorite books of all time.

Wendy One of my life dreams was to meet her. I never had that opportunity; you are indeed fortunate. Her writings have made a huge difference in my life.

M.L. If I met her, I'd say the same thing. So jealous!

message 8: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer I am going to read this book because of your review...what awonderful story:-)

message 9: by Tia (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tia Bowling kuntz I, too, first read this book in 6th grade when it felt I had no real friends. These books let me believe in another world. For the first time I could really SEE the world as it was written in the story and I was hooked! I am always trying to find my next "fix" or great book. When I see these books I get a lump in my throat and blink away tears. You are very lucky to have met her. Your story moved me, thank you for sharing it.

message 10: by Andrea (new) - added it

Andrea I just blinked away tears.

Danielle Awesome review, I have always wanted to read this book and am starting it now!

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

I would have loved to meet her, she seems to be a very nice and smart woman, one that I've always admired.

message 13: by Minke (new) - rated it 1 star

Minke Y. finally i got this book

mekyuiah farrier You are so write Sara I rated this book 5 stars just like you did your awesome and I could tell that you like to read books

mekyuiah farrier I think this book is the 3 best book I've ever read and I think everybody should read this book rate it a 5 star instead of 4,3,2,or 1

message 16: by Meg (new) - rated it 5 stars

Meg Shelfer You lucky, lucky girl! I lived in NY for a while, and it was my dream to look her up and "run" into her. I wish i had made more of an effort. She is very inspiring, and so intelligent. Way to go! What an experience.

Cristopher Her books are very inspirational with their vast universes and wonderful content. So few have been able to master her handiwork. I hope you will find this mastery one day, not to say you haven't already.

Brandy Cross Same for me. Such an inspiring book

Carlin And here I am, 72 years old and just starting to read this book for the first time. I feel as if I have just started a great adventure! Thank you all for your wonderful review and comments. Keep writing!

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