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A Lady of Persuasion by Tessa Dare
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This book was definitely the weakest of the trilogy; I couldn't wait for it to be over while reading it.

I think this book suffered from the main characters: the heroine is a complete shrew who spouts strong view of religion and reform. Those two points are common among characters of the Regency set, but in Isabel the author attempts to foist "extreme" views so that it's of conflict to the hero, who has opposite viewpoints. The hero is someone we've heard and seen in the past few books, but he's a bit flat as a character.

Tessa Dare attempts to bring a conclusion to the trilogy but not only including the story of Isabel and Tobias, but by including a subplot between Joss and Hetta and the ongoings of the characters of the first two books. To be honest, I found all of the substories much more interesting, and I would have gladly read a book about Joss and Hetta over that of Toby and Isabel. It was fun getting to see all of the characters again (Grey, Lucy, Sophia, Jem), and I looked forward to their appearances and part of the story much more than what the main focus on the book should have been.

It was a mess of a book to trudge through, but really only worth it for the substories going on.

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