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The Hormone Diet by Natasha Turner
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May 20, 2012

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I am impressed with the amount of information this book contains. At first it was a bit overwhelming but once I began to discard the information that did not pertain to me it became more manageable.

The premise is, all of the hormones work in tandem to keep the body working properly; if one hormone is out of balance it can throw a wrench into the entire works and cause problems that may present themselves as an ache or pain of inflammation. The kicker is, that ache or pain of inflammation is an issue but not the underlying problem. On the diet aspect, reducing inflammation is a vital step in allowing the body to lose unwanted fat.

Causes of chronic inflammation: Poor digestive health; an immune system gone awry; poor nutritional habits; lack of exercise; abdominal obesity and insulin resistance; estrogen decline; environmental toxicity; liver toxicity and fatty liver; depression and stress.

Natasha Turner takes you through a 3 step fix that is not to be skimmed over as a pick and choose smorgasbord. She addresses sleep habits, strategies for stress survival, eating habits that disrupt the hormone balance, strength, stamina and stretching. She recommends a 10 day detox (which I did) then introduces foods back into the diet slowly and one at a time to determine if there is a problem with specific foods (inconclusive in my case).

Supplements are mentioned at length but ***be aware of drug interactions*** if you decide to try these (in my case I checked online for interactions and am not permitted to take many of the supplements I would have tried because of the one med I'm on).

Exercise is a given -- even a daily 30 minute walk is very beneficial (3 -10 minute mini walks count!!)

There is information on blood tests and saliva tests concerning hormones. There is a chapter devoted to questions that help determine which hormones may be out of balance for you. This information can be taken to your doctor and used to help with testing for a chronic inflammation issue that may be caused by a hormone imbalance.

Recipes! Yes! The mediterranean diet is combined with glycemic balanced eating in the formation of her recipes. Lots of veggies, fish and chicken, whole grains and low fat cheeses. I tried several of the recipes and was very pleased.


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