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Crux by Moira Rogers
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Aug 24, 2012

it was ok
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Recommended to Fangirl by: Smuttastic Coven Aug 2012 Read
Recommended for: As a romance, it sucks. As a suspense, it rocks.
Read from August 18 to 24, 2012 , read count: Once

(Smuttastic Coven Group Read: August 2012)

This book is complicated, not so much in its essence, but more in my reflection. Overall, I liked the book (I think)...but holy crap on a cracker, it has some problems.

The novel's plot was pretty cut-and-paste of most standard fiction tropes; crazy powerful bad guy hunting down the innocent heroine. The antagonist of the story, ironically, shared a lot in common with the protagonists...Shocking, right? This statement finds itself more along the lines of Author's Fault rather than the actual development of the story. Frankly, while the book was decent, it was painfully obvious that absolutely no character development took place over the course of Crux...with ANY of the characters.

Jackson was likable. Mackenzie was likable. All the secondary cast of characters were likable. Sadly, that's the problem. From Prologue to Epilogue nothing stronger than outside influences affected the characters. There was, truly, almost a poignant lack of internal conflict, both with the characters independently of one another, as well as in the context of being a couple. Neither character experienced growth, nor loss, nor difficulty. This, I feel, is largely why the climax of the book felt so disappointing. So much buildup and drama was established in Getting The Bad Guy that, when said scene arrived, it very much felt as a Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Ma'am deal.

Ironically, while both the plot and characters were mediocre in their quality, the pacing of the novel was very well executed. At no time did any particular scene feel exasperatedly drawn out, even when considering the book's story-type parameters. The writing was tight and fluid, and this made for true reading enjoyment. When an author can utilize good technical skills in making a story flow well, even in spite of some tremendous pitfalls to their work of fiction, color me impressed.

Lastly, my final complaint against this book deals more towards its romantic elements, and yet still circulates back to my original Big Problem with Crux. As noted before, this novel bites big ass in character development, as well as characterization. Sadly, while there was nothing specifically wrong with Jackson and Mackenzie, their lack of on-page presence and personality made them, sadly, very unimpressive to read. These two were easily forgettable, and this could be why I found their romance to be uninteresting, and a total failure in being believable. I doubt very much if ever there was a literary couple with as little chemistry and fire as Jackson and Mackenzie. In truth, I found more heat and spark between Mackenzie and another minor character of Crux than I did with the hero...and this is saying something, since I'm betting said minor character wasn't even heterosexual!

However...the book wasn't a total loss. Overall, I have to say I'm wavering perpetually between a 2 and 3 star ranking. (I've even changed it three times back and forth since writing this review.) On the one hand, I sailed right through the book, and found myself engrossed in the story. On the other hand, that engrossment did not achieve a good payoff, since frankly, the book is easily forgettable. I both liked it, and thought it was okay.
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10.0% "Am pretty pleased, thus far. The characters are so-far interesting, and the plot seems character driven, but intriguing."
69.0% "So, here's the deal. I'm totally fascinated and interested in the characters, their dynamic, as well as the storyline. But, dear God, I'm so not buying Jackson and Kenzie as a couple. There. Is. NO! Chemistry!"

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Lady Allison I'm about halfway through & honestly underwhelmed by it all. I had such high hopes! Hopefully next month's read will be better!

Fangirl Musings That's what's fun about group reads, really. Even when one hits a "dud", at least it's not in vain. We're all discussing and talking, and that's what's fun. Though, I think I should've posted on Facebook that I wrote a new post as a discussion opener for us on this book. Here's the link, FYI:

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