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Rebel Heart by Moira Young
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Aug 12, 2012

really liked it
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Rebel Heart is the sequel of Blood Red Road (which I wrote an enthusiastic review few weeks ago). Setting after the defeat of the Tonton in Freedom Field, this second book from the Dust Lands trilogy is about Saba's destiny.

Seriously. My first reaction after reading it, was:

*hard spoilers on, beware my friends*
Basically Rebel Heart is what I didn't expected at all. Jack being a Tonton. Saba having an affair with DeMalo. Gracie, Molly and Jack's daughter who died 6 years before.

It's like I've been hurled into a parallel world during the second half of the story. But that's the point of a book right, to surprise you? Espacially for a series.
*hard spoilers off*

The first thing about this book and even BRR, is that dystopia thingy which always bother me. Because New Eden and everything around is hardly a dystopian civilisation. As Moira Young said (to me, actually) in a Q&A "If I were describing the genre of BRR, I suppose I might describe it as a western set in the future." [source] Which is more than accurate. It can barely be a dystopia since there isn't a proper governement like in Fahrenheit 451 or recently Divergent (a dystopia is organized not chaotic). Except in Rebel Heart after the vision of DeMalo (with the forests, animals, happy families, industries, technology) it's obviously a post-apocalyptic world. So basically it is a Futuristic-Western-Post-Apocalyptic-Fantasy (the fantasy goes to the rituals and the faith. which was IMO the best new thing in this sequel).

So far the bad point is the cover. It's definitely not the good-looking-shape of Jack, my eyes were totally OK with it (except when you read it in public transport, awkward).

But I just don't get the point. The original cover of BRR was quiete artistic and perfect for the title. Until they realise another version which could match with the two next books as a real trilogy. But the title neither, Rebel Heart, doesn't sound as lyric as the previous one.



Question: What's the meaning of Rebel Heart?
Answer: It's true that BRR was lyrics but confusing (the point is "road" like the road trip proceed, "blood" for the load of dead bodies in this road/dust lands and "red" as a redundancy). But Rebel Heart is more precise (even if at first and because of the cover, I though it was related to Jack). It is one of the big point about Saba's destiny, the fact that the heartstone is warm for Jack (as before) but also for DeMalo/Seth.
Theory: DeMalo is "officialy" Saba's soulmate. It would sound logical since he is the Pathfinder and she is special (as Auriel Tai told her). But at some point there is Jack, who could be an exception and a stronger lover.

Question: So is there a triangle love as other famous books as Twilight and The Hunger Games? which is a trend that every YA authors should stop to create at the first place
Answer: Not really. Saba quickly realised how much that night with Seth was a pure mistake and sort of said the three words to Jack, not to the other. The real point is that nothing is cheesy. Saba isn't great in love ("I ain't no soft girl. I don't know no soft words"). But with the addition of Tommo, it's pretty much a mess (Tommo who looks like 12 in BRR and 16 in RB. but how funny Jack was jealous of him in the previous book and Saba laughed at that).
Reality: Saba and Jack.


Let's hope the third book will stick with Saba and Jack, no more complications, and focus on the post-apocalyptic plot, Saba's real destiny and killing the Pathfinder (I'm rude!)


One of the other and important point are Emmi and Lugh. The little one is as usual, brave and pig-headed. But as different from the initial book, she is the only anchor left between Saba and Lugh. The relationship of the twins is definitely ruined, espacially after one big event:

In literary terms, Rebel Heart is as usual, well written like its first. The feature of the flash back in italic is a good point to remind you what happened in Blood Red Road, so far about Epona's death, the guilt and to understand the not-feeling well part of Saba.

It was so far a sequel rich of actions, emotions and new story lines. And for those who were wondering:

Good luck for the next 17 months of pain.
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