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Vanish by Sophie Jordan
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May 27, 2012

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Quite easy to finish. If book 1 is more about Will, then I guess you know which love rival is more given some screen time.

The next paragraphs would be spoilers, if you don't want to know what happens next, then stop reading right now.

Of course, there has to be something special to Tam. I thought she would be some kind of Ice Dragon, an opposite to Jace's abilities, but I was proven wrong.

With her new abilities, she's now in the top of their pride. Sucks to be Jace who loses 'almost' everything in one day.

With her depression and all, this leads her to get closer with Cassian (and more hoooot scenes between them). When the rain kiss started, that's when I knew that I wanted Cassian for her. I adore how he proves to her that he loves her not because she's of a rare species, but she's... Jacinda, herself.

Sucks to be Tamra when her longtime crush is pinning on her sister despite that she's popular now.

And when we all thought that Will has lost his memories, he found his way to the pride's community. Oh booooy.

Then, there's another wacko cousin obsessing over Jacilinda just to get favor from his nutjob uncle.

Another set of group has arrived. The hunters had managed to capture both Jace and Miriam but only the former has escaped with the help of Will. And when the snotty princess a.k.a. Miriam gets captured, Jace, who returned to the community, has been given a verdict. Her wings are to be clipped. I was shouting at her, telling her to fight back with her fire powers! Obviously, she didn't hear me. Even mother dearest gets punished: banishment. Then Cassian saves Jace's butt, er, wings. The verdict's changed to Jace bonding with Cassian.

So they... bonded/wed. I was really happy about it although I couldn't help but feel sorry for the guy since it's forced and fake. :/

Then plans of escaping are held. Tamra agrees to go with Will and Jace. Then.. Then.. Then...!! Crazy cousin appears and attempts to stop the three. Of course, Cassian pounds a stone at him. That's the end of the obsessive wacko screen time.

When Cassian learned that Jace plans to save Miriam, he also wants to go with her. Then the four teens' adventure starts.

Series of events happened, like Will learning that J and C are bonded. He feels dejected at first but not until that J assures him that it's fake. I couldn't help but pity C. :(

The book ends with the group arriving the enemy stronghold.

For the next chap, I hope Jace's father is still alive. I hope he's just imprisoned and there would be a father-daughter reunion. :(

I hope Jordan doesn't follow Cremer into killing love rivals, cause I swear if she kills Cassian, I might rant all day about it.

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Quotes Emily Liked

Sophie Jordan
“Holding a hand over my eyes, I look up at him. "Thanks, I'm glad were...friends." I say the word friends deliberately, letting the emphasis get my point across. His mouth curves with a slow smile. "I've never wanted to be your friend, Jacinda." My heart stutters in my chest. Standing in the pouring rain, I watch him walk away.”
Sophie Jordan, Vanish

Sophie Jordan
“It's unclear who moves first. We're in each other's arms, lips locked, melded, hotly fused. Our hands drag over each other, reacquainting, remembering, almost as if we're both verifying the other one is real flesh and blood.”
Sophie Jordan, Vanish

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05/26/2012 "Okay, this is it. I'm solid on Cassian."

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Samira Isecretlydesirethattoo! (:

Calzedonia Agree! Especially with yours meaning of Cassian. He's better then Will, even I'm thinking that Jacinda doesn't deserve Cassian's love.
And the thought of C's death cross my head during the last chapter. I really hope Jordan doesn't follow Cremer too!

Emily Let's all just cross our fingers. >__<

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