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The Last Boyfriend by Nora Roberts
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May 19, 2012

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To my mind, there's not TOO much of a point in reviewing a Nora Roberts book. She is consistently great, in every way. I can't recall offhand ever disliking one of her books. "The Last Boyfriend" is the second book in the Inn BoonsBoro trilogy and is another good book from Nora Roberts.

I only gave it three stars though because I felt this book was lacking something. I can't quite put my finger on it though. I guess, in a lot of good romances... well, actually I should say in a lot of the romances that I really like, the formula sort of goes like this: boy meets girl, boy and girl become friends, boy and girl become more than friends, boy and girl fall in love, something scary/awful/tragic happens, boy/girl saves girl/boy, boy and girl reaffirm life through reaffirming their love, the end - happily ever after. In lots of Nora Roberts books, this formula exists and works really well. In THIS Nora Roberts book, the missing element was the conflict, the tragedy, the kidnapping, the psycho ex returning, etc. There was no danger. Nothing to be brought back from the brink from. Do you know what I mean?

In this book, Owen Montgomery is one of three brothers that runs/works/owns a construction company in small town Boonsboro. They are remodeling a 100+ year old building and turning it into a Bed and Breakfast. We met Beckett in Book 1. **SPOILER SENTENCE HERE ---> Beckett and Clare end up together in the first book, but not before danger threatens one or both of them. <----- END SPOILER ALERT** Here, in book 2, they have finished the remodel and are about to open up for business. Owen is the list maker, note taker, keep everything organized organizer. Oh, he's also built, hot and great with a hammer... (wink, wink). Across the street from the building is Vesta Pizzeria, owned and operated by Avery MacTavish. Avery has been close with the Montgomery's ever since she was a kid and has had a crush on Owen almost as long!

**MORE POSSIBLE SPOILERS FROM HERE ON OUT ---> Avery and Owen decide to take things a little further than friendship. It works out for them. ...Aaaaaand that's it. That's the story. Oh her long lost mom makes an appearance and Avery's all bent out of shape about it (with good reason though: her mom abandoned her when she was a kid). But Owen forces her to talk about it and that's that. There was no danger anywhere for these two. Only the dangers of following your own heart. And isn't that not so much of a danger as it is an adventure?

Like I said, it was a good book. I caught myself laughing out loud at several parts. I know it sort of sounds like I didn't enjoy the book, but I did! I just don't think it was quite up to Nora Roberts' standards, that's all. I like the trilogy so far and I'll definitely be reading the 3rd installment when it comes out in November! :)
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