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Until the Sun Falls by Cecelia Holland
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May 19, 2012

bookshelves: fiction, historical-novel, history-medieval

A tour de force in the pornography of violence.

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message 1: by Katharine (new)

Katharine Kimbriel I notice that a couple of other reviewers feel that the violence was exaggerated -- that the Mongols simply didn't brawl the way Westerners did. Do you think that travelers did not report this because the Mongols did not fight in front of Westerners? Was this your first foray into Asia of this period?

message 2: by Sherwood (new) - added it

Sherwood Smith It was not my first foray into Asia, however it was my first foray into the Mongol POV, but that said, it seemed to be predicated on the conceit of the last page. I saw it as pomo, but someone who knows the history better might feel it genuine.

A little delving into the history shows that they were quite capable of fighting among themselves as much as they lined up and systematically slaughtered the inhabitants of the cities they conquered.

message 3: by Katharine (new)

Katharine Kimbriel Your review was perfectly concise and gets across your feeling! Is it your first Holland book? How was the writing? Might be too violent for my tastes.

Since the Khan's descendants turned on each other and destroyed themselves and their empire, we can't deny that they were as capable as any people of behaving viciously.

message 4: by Sherwood (new) - added it

Sherwood Smith Holland's writing is superlative, however, I find her characters are too cold, pomo, and distant for my particular tastes. I thought this book a bravura performance, rather than literature; however, her recent series, I thought the best of any of her works. It's from Tor, and though it's another historical, it shades over into the supernatural. Do check it out. (I'm still working through it, which is why I haven't listed it.)

message 5: by Katharine (new)

Katharine Kimbriel The Soul Taker books?

message 6: by Sherwood (new) - added it

Sherwood Smith Starts with Soul Thief.

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