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The Darkest Lie by Gena Showalter
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May 23, 12

bookshelves: action, demon, fantasy-romance
Read in May, 2012

** spoiler alert ** Setting – Budapest – the fortress, the dungeon, and the town; Olympus Titania; island of the Unspoken Ones; Hell.

Theme – love, illusion, reality

Gideon, Keeper of Lies – He hasn’t been with many women because when he speaks the lies (you’re ugly, don’t tell me what you want, etc) the women aren’t happy. He has an eye tattooed on his shoulder, a 2nd butterfly on his thigh, and the words ‘Part is to die’ on his lower back – her eyes, the same butterfly as she has, and the same words. He doesn’t understand why he is drawn to her, and why he doesn’t have any memory of her. And he decides to take her out of the dungeon to a hotel, to get her to talk to him, and explain things to him. Lies wants her too. Lies is a female demon (he finds out at the end).

Scarlet, Keeper of Nightmares – Rhea’s daughter by another not Cronus, born and raised in prison. Foreseen that she will kill Cronus and therefore her mother, and growing to be more beautiful than her mother, leading her mother to hate her. For 12 hours a day, her demon makes her sleep, a sleep that she cannot wake from. Attempts by Cronus and Rhea to kill her lead to their aging, so they stopped trying – then Mnemosyne started in on her. She was fascinated by Gideon (as a child, he spoke to her, and he brought her paper and a blue crayon – she’d never seen the sky, and asked for the color of the sky. She watched him when he brought in prisoners and all knew she was fascinated with him, though he did not see her. So Memory gave her memories of him… and after the demons got him (and nightmare demon was planted in her) she waited for him to come back to her. And came to hate him. But when the Titans were freed, she tracked him down… hurt when she saw him pick up a woman in a bar… and then Olympia led the Lords to find her (and place her in the dungeon). She goes to Gideon in his dreams, giving him a nightmare of spiders, and he goes to her. When she awakens, he is there, and she tells him she is his wife, why has he forgotten her.

Nightmares and Lies – lovers (married?) before Pandora’s box – pulling to one another – and temporarily they can vacate their hosts body.

Mnemosyne – goddess of memory, Rhea’s sister & Cronus’ mistress. At Rhea’s behest she planted memories in Scarlet of a great love with Gideon, a child between them that was killed by Zeus.

Strider, Keeper of Defeat – sent with the Invisible Cloak to the Island of the Unspoken – both to keep it safe and to spy on the Unspoken. He is set upon by Hunters, and captures Haidee – immortal Hunter who had killed Baden. She probably has her own demon, but not sure. Strider is drawn to her, but intends to punish her for taking Baden. hmmmm

Aeron, Amun, and William and Legion and Olympia – they go to Hell to rescue Legion (leaving Olympia with Lysander, against her will)… William seems to be one of the riders of the apocalypse and Lucifer is afraid of him. Amun becomes overrun with the thoughts and essences of the demons and his demon (Secrets) takes over him. They bargain to keep him with them for 2 weeks to find Amun again, but Lysander plans to come and kill him. When they finally face Lucifer, and are losing, Olympia and the angels show to rescue them. Legion has been horribly used.

Cronus and Rhea – hmmmm

Sienna, new keeper of Wrath – having trouble controlling Wrath – but Wrath telling her that Paris can help them. She breaks the chains, and…

Plot –

Gideon and Scarlet discover that her memories are the ones altered and not Gideon… Scarlet kills Memory with her bare hands… and Gideon and Scarlet marry in the warrior way, ready to make new memories.

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