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Chopsticks by Jessica Anthony
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May 19, 2012

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Read on May 19, 2012

I only "read" this for two reasons: To pad my anemic 2012 books read count, and a glowing review blurblet on the back cover by Junot Díaz. It's somewhat dubious to afford "Chopsticks" novel-status, but it is visually engaging, and it (surprisingly, given there's very little text) does evoke the urgency and vitality of young love. The newspaper clippings and IMs/text message transcripts tend to lessen the visual impact of the photography, but overall, a solid artistic endeavor. (And, bonus points for cracking me up: Protagonist Frank's IM to Glory [who was a piano prodigy touring Europe] telling her that his days in the Bronx without her stunk like pee (after eating asparagus) was...TMI? Nah, pretty damn funny...didn't see that comment coming).

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message 1: by rachel (new)

rachel Don't you dislike romancey stuff too? I was surprised to see you reading this one as well!

Snotchocheez Yeah, romance-y stuff doesn't exactly (as they say down here) crank my tractor (nor, really, is stuff geared to the ya set (sorry)); I saw the bright cover at the library, saw from the sides of the book that it probably was full of pics, and with the "...Oscar Wao" penner's endorsement, had to give it a try. While if this "story" of teenage love probably wouldn't amount to much if it was just a regular book, the pictures did successfully convey that awkward-yet-all-encompassing feeling when you're experiencing love at that age.

message 3: by rachel (new)

rachel Speaking of YA btw, I thought of you at a job interview I had on Friday. I was being interviewed by a judge to work in his office and out of nowhere, he asked me if I had read The Hunger Games. His "verdict" (*groan*): not well-written but leagues above Twilight. Which is a point we can hopefully all agree on?

Snotchocheez Given I've not read anything in the "Twilight" (and have zero intention to) whereas I had an ever-so-slight interest in reading "The Hunger Games", then yeah, I guess I can agree with you and the judge. Hope (if you get the job) he/she doesn't require reading "Mockingjay" and "Catching Fire" aloud to him/her as part of your job requirements. (seriously though, good luck!)

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