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One Moment by Kristina McBride
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May 19, 2012

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It's an interesting read, yet I’m still struggling to put into words exactly which parts worked and which ones didn’t. With six people who’ve lived in each others’ pockets it’s not shock how, in essence, they’re a unit. Sure, a couple of them were closer to others but it’s also this fact that made for a more complicated group dynamic. Their core seemed to be Joey though. Wild… crazy…beautiful, they all said, but what else was there to him? That it takes tragedy for them to all open up, open their eyes and to say what was what… made it even more taxing emotionally. The reactions were messy. And I liked it.

Add the complication of her not knowing to the slow process of her picking up the clues… then add both those to her inevitably piecing things together. And almost not wanting to have done so. Well, I won’t say I that enjoyed it… but it all had me engrossed. Her knowing one thing then having that same fact at odds with what she knew/felt… it felt right to me. Then compound her feelings on things being disconnected or her feelings that what she knew wasn’t whole to begin with, with her friends reacting in their own way… because like her, they too got left behind.

It’s the aftermath, the reactions of each member of the group that had me glued to ONE MOMENT. That each of them reacted the way they did because there was this big secret, made each of them less “bad,” more real. See, they’re not just caricatures of the cheater or the best friend or he boy who’s always there. Take Shannon. Her role from the get seemed a means to contrast her to Maggie. It became a lot easier to like Maggie, given how up front “bitchy” the other girl could be. “She’s a bitch, but that’s why we love her, right? They all say it; they all think it… but she’s not that at all. Sure, what’s done is a sad thing, but Shannon’s reactions too made sense. It’s Adam’s particular drama that I felt unnecessary. Why I wonder the need to insert a romantic element? But him dealing with losing his friend, then seeing that friend for who he really was… as well as him wanting some things he couldn’t have made him interesting.

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