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The Duke Is Mine by Eloisa James
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May 19, 2012

it was ok
Read in May, 2012

not my favorite by James—not by a long shot. when an author (and a publisher like Avon) take a mental problem like Asperger’s Syndrome (hey, not my idea…James names it at the end of her novel in a section she calls “Questions for Readers…”) and makes light of it and makes the character one of ridicule when we’re reading STOP BULLYING all over the media, then the book becomes a total turn off.

Olivia Lytton, the heroine, was “programmed” to become a duchess since her birth…but, since her parents think she is “ugly” because of her weight and her heartlessness, they also educate her much prettier, and thinner and nicer, sister. The sisters use Rupert (the future Duke Olivia is to marry) and his damaged mind for comedy and it seems the entire ton is aware of Rupert’s problem because his father also insults his son saying things like his brain is scrambled.

Meanwhile, Georgiana, the twin sister, falls in love with another Duke (they’re just lying all over the place LOL), the Duke of Sconce, aka Quinn. Quinn is a shallow man and because he chose the “wrong” kind of bride the first time, his mother has taken over and is choosing his future duchess this time. Oh, BTW, he’s a 32-year-old mama’s boy who likes curvaceous, overweight, mouthy, heartless women—screw being acceptable to the aristocracy.

first it was the “Desperate Housewives” takeoffs (which were actually very clever and which i truly enjoyed reading). now it’s the fairytale takeoffs and here, in this particular historical romance story, the tongue-in-cheek humor seemed forced most of the time and that’s a shame. i read James had to throw out 175 pages and all i can say is if they were as disappointing as the pages that remained, well, the reader won’t miss anything.

no spoilers and I can only say, read without any expectation and with one question—did Eloisa James really write this or was it done by some ghost writer?
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