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Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett
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May 19, 2012

Wyrd Systers isn't one of Pratchett's greatest feats, but it might have been. It seems all the ingredients are there. The story tries taking in the world of theater and political influence, Shakespearian drama en large and Macbeth in detail – materials that should have been quite enough for Pratchett's talent for parody. He even lays out the foundations drawing from Macbeth – politics are a play, specifically a play the conclusion of which should be legitimacy. And yet, the symbolic web Pratchett so successfully builds in later books in Discworld (Interesting Times, Small Gods, The Truth, Going Postal) and the deep parody that shines in his best are not really there. The Shakespearian drama is swept aside with a few "Diverse Alarums" and Exeunts, the fight for political power remains much too theatrical and many plotlines just tumble off the table. It might be that the attempt at writing a parody for a specific corpus, instead of focusing on more general narratives and institutions as in The Asian Monastery, The Press, Who Done It Story or the narrative of the Lost King – does not play to Pratchett's strengths. This is also evident in Maskerade. When Pratchett focuses on stylistics the larger scope is lost. The plus side - now I have all of Shakespeare's plays on my Sony Reader.

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