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Different Seasons by Stephen King
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May 19, 2012

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Another four short stories from the master story teller. These are fairly long (perhaps better descried as "novellas") and for the most part are fairly well known. Even if you haven't read King before, you will almost certainly have seen one of the films made from the first three (The Shawshank Redemption, Apt Pupil and Stand by Me). For my money, the Shawshank >film< is actualy better than the story (and it's not often you can say that) being more rounded.

All that needs to be said about this anthology has pretty much been said already in the other reviews. However, I just wanted to mention the last of the four stories - "The Breathing Method" which, has so far (and inexplicably in my opinion), missed being turned into a film. Ths is the best of the bunch here. Briefly, it tells of a secretive and highly exclusive gentleman's club which exists largely as a place for the members to tell one another stories. Needless to say, all is not what it seems and there's a decent dash of the Lovecraftian macabre to spice things up a little. To say much more would spoil the story but "The Breathing Method" seems to me to owe as much to Borges' Library of Babel (in more ways than one) as it does to anything by Lovecraft and I think it's wonderful. So much is left untold and >that< is it's attraction - the reader is left to consider the endless possibilities posed by the Tardis-like club in his/her own imagination. It would not be too churlish to suggest that another attraction is it's length - being the shortest of the four, it's an easier read while still being meaty enough to satisfy the most insatiable word-hunger. I loved it and it's easily worth the price of the anthology alone.

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