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Lost in Austen by Emma Campbell Webster
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Nov 11, 08

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Read in November, 2008

This book is a great experience for a P&P junkie like myself! Before I get to my spoilery endings, I gotta say that the best part of this book is the choices. I didn't read much of it - just skimmed it because I knew the story so well. It's the choices (especially the bad ones) that are so entertaining and allow you to explore the "what ifs" that the movies and books don't explain.

There's MANY different endings, happy and sad and most of them incredibly humourous! I did not explore even half of them, I would guess!

***Okay, now for the semi-spoilery part.***

So far I've had the following endings:

1) I was attacked by gypsies on my way to Netherfield to take care of my sick sister Jane. I was so disfigured that I will never attract a husband. The book reproaches me with: "That didn't take you long, did it? You have failed to complete your mission. You didn't even get NEAR completing it, in fact. You deserve to be disfigured. Be ashamed." Ouch.

2) Not that I wasn't trying before, but I try to make the decisions that will lead me to Mr. Darcy - I refuse Mr. Collins, I am interested in Mr. Wickham, I go to Hunsford to visit the new Mrs. Collins . . . BUT this time I accept Mr. Darcy's proposal. Why not? I've always been curious what would have happened in that scenario. Um, I end up having an affair with the one of the gardeners at Pemberely and we are banished from polite society to live in poverty for the rest of our sinful lives.

3) Okay, so clearly I need to refuse Mr. Darcy when he first proposes at Hunsford. But this time, I also refuse to read his letter of explanation about my accusations of his treatment of Wickham. Then I run into Colonel Fitzwilliam, who ALSO proposes to me. He's cute and nice, so yeah, I accept. When Mr. Darcy finds out, he challenges his cousin to a duel. Lady Catherine will have nothing to do with me marrying either of her nephews, but they still insist on the duel. Guns in hand, the count down begins, but before it is finished Lady Catherine shoots ME! Darcy runs to my aid and then shoots his aunt. Then, waving off the Colonel who can't possibly love me as much as he does, he shoots the Colonel dead in a jealous rage. Then he turns the gun on himself and shoots himself. I can't blame him - I wouldn't want to live without me either! ;)

4) Okay, this time I'm trying again. I make all the right "Elizabeth Bennett" decisions. This time I have another mistaken choice such as in ending #1 where I am not sure which direction to go. I choose the wrong direction (and so do not unexpectedly meet up with Darcy on his way home to Pemberley) and end up getting run over in a carriage by Caroline Bingley who is jealous of me and wants Darcy for herself. Ouch.

5) SUCCESS! I finally get Mr. Darcy. We marry and are happy forever and ever! Aren't you all jealous??
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message 1: by Michelle (new)

Michelle I have this was lots of fun to read! You can take it when you come out in October.

message 2: by Samantha (new) - added it

Samantha Love the review, Speed Reader. I recently added this to my TBR list. P&P is the only JA I've read (so far) and I am now on a spin-off/sequel phase, buying as many as I can. Now I just need to read them *lol*

Christy I ended up failing in almost the exact same ways. Except I also killed Mr. Collins. Accidentally.

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