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The Legacy by Gemma Malley
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May 19, 12

it was ok
bookshelves: murder-and-or-death, all-the-ways-the-world-can-go-wrong
Read from May 18 to 19, 2012

I finished reading this book and The Resistance in two days. The concept {a super virus emerging that none of the Legals immune system can handle} was such an interesting premis, not to mention a logical one. The lengths that Pincet Pharma goes to cover up the drugs failings was also interesting and a plot twist I found believable.

The characters {though they are teenagers} are so petulant, moody and emotional. Jude in the corner brooding away at his computer and mooning {inexplicably} over Shelia, Peter brooding at missing all the action when he should be caring for Molly, Ben and Anna...Anna and Shelia I can sympathize with more because of their experiences at Grange Hall, but Peter and Jude were so...whiny and self centered. Though Jude cared for Shelia it was only because he seemed to think she needed his protection as his "princess." I get he wanted to keep her safe, but I thought it was creepy considering he barely knew her and she didn't seem to want his help. I was frustrated by the boys grousing about trying to be Big Strong Men while Shelia and Anna were just left to care for the children and try to calm down their irrational heros. Which, obviously caring for the children is important, but something that only the girls cared about. For Peter and Jude everything was about fighting and "fun" and being leaders. Anna seemed to be the only rational one who realized that if the ultimate goal was to become the parents of a new generation, perhaps they should protect the new generation they were raising at home instead of whining about missing the fun and not being Pip's trusted friend.

I thought Malley did a great job of tying up all the loose ends at the end of the book and brining the trilogy to a satisfying end. I'm conflicted on whether I should support a certain someone at the end because of his role in creating so much misery for a greater outcome. But, it's an interesting conflict and one that makes the book even more worth discussing.

I enjoyed the questions that were brought up in this book {life, death, survival of the fittest, the triumph of Science over Nature, what makes a life worthwhile}, but the characters were irritating at best, irrational and stereotyped at worst.
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